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What is it?

For those of you that do not know mgetty+sendfax yet: it's a reliable and proven fax send and receive solution for unix and linux. But it can do much more... so read the docs and be surprised.

Available HTML Documentation:

Complete Hypertext Manual

mgetty+sendfax frequently asked questions (FAQ) (Text version)

HTML versions of the man pages

Mailing list and Mailing list archive

There is a mailing list ( and Newsgroup dedicated to mgetty. The newsgroup is archived by Marc Schaefer,

If you want to get on the mailing list, send mail to

Documentation in other Formats

TeX DVI format (90 Kbytes)

ASCII manual (67 Kbytes)

Postscript copy of the manual (170 Kbytes)

All pages of the HTML manual in one tar+gzip file (72 Kbytes)

Some pointers to other related sites on the Net...

Source Archives (Download Section)

source archive (HTML page) latest BETA version (1.1.33, about 800 Kbyte)

latest official release (1.0.0, 601 Kbyte)

documentation package (DVI, .ps, ASCII, ...) (0.98, 363 Kbyte)

Contributed software:

Voice-Stuff (vgetty and such)

MIRROR sites

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