SunOS 5.9/sun4u

Output of the pkgsrc bulk build
as of Thu Jan 29 16:36:55 EST 2004

Packages not listed here resulted in a binary package. To see the output of the (failed) build, select the package below.

Files not listed in PLISTs can be found in this list.

Package State Pkgs Broken by Last touched by File touched last Maintainer
archivers/afio build broken cjep Makefile
archivers/arc build broken 2 agc Makefile
archivers/arj build broken kristerw Makefile
archivers/bicom broken depends agc Makefile
archivers/bicom build broken agc Makefile
archivers/cxunzip broken depends reed Makefile
archivers/dact build broken martti Makefile
archivers/file-roller broken depends xtraeme Makefile
archivers/gcpio build broken seb PLIST
archivers/gsharutils build broken 3 seb PLIST
archivers/ha build broken agc Makefile
archivers/hpack build broken agc Makefile
archivers/jamjar build broken 1 agc Makefile
archivers/libcomprex build broken grant Makefile
archivers/macutil build broken agc Makefile mycroft@NetBSD.ORG
archivers/mousetar build broken agc Makefile
archivers/nomarch build broken jmmv distinfo
archivers/nulib2 build broken agc Makefile
archivers/php4-zip broken depends jdolecek Makefile
archivers/rar not packaged agc Makefile
archivers/star build broken martti Makefile
archivers/stuffit not packaged agc Makefile
archivers/unace22 not packaged agc Makefile
archivers/unrar build broken 4 agc Makefile
archivers/upx build broken agc Makefile
archivers/xbin build broken 2 agc Makefile
archivers/xmill broken depends agc Makefile
archivers/xmill build broken agc Makefile
archivers/xpk build broken grant Makefile
archivers/zip broken depends grant Makefile
archivers/zip1 build broken agc Makefile
archivers/zziplib build broken 1 cjep
audio/ build broken agc Makefile
audio/SDL-arts broken depends markd Makefile
audio/SDL-esound broken depends markd Makefile
audio/SDL-nas broken depends markd Makefile
audio/SDL_mixer broken depends jlam Makefile
audio/SDL_sound broken depends cube Makefile
audio/abcde broken depends abs patch-ab
audio/amp build broken martti Makefile
audio/arts broken depends markd Makefile
audio/audacity broken depends agc Makefile
audio/aumix broken depends reed Makefile
audio/cam build broken grant Makefile
audio/cdd broken depends grant Makefile
audio/cddbd not packaged agc Makefile
audio/cdparanoia not packaged 1 kim Makefile
audio/cmp3 broken depends agc Makefile
audio/cs4235 not packaged agc Makefile
audio/csound-bath build broken agc Makefile
audio/csound-dev build broken 1 jmmv Makefile
audio/dap broken depends reed Makefile
audio/darkice broken depends xtraeme patch-ab
audio/easytag broken depends wiz Makefile
audio/eawpatches broken depends jmmv Makefile
audio/emixer broken depends jlam Makefile
audio/faad2 build broken agc Makefile
audio/festival build broken 24 agc Makefile
audio/festlex-cmu broken depends agc Makefile
audio/festlex-oald broken depends agc Makefile
audio/festlex-ogi broken depends agc Makefile
audio/festlex-poslex broken depends agc Makefile
audio/festogi-spanish broken depends agc Makefile
audio/festvox-abc broken depends agc Makefile
audio/festvox-aec broken depends agc Makefile
audio/festvox-don broken depends agc Makefile
audio/festvox-el11 broken depends agc Makefile
audio/festvox-en1 broken depends agc Makefile
audio/festvox-hvs broken depends agc Makefile
audio/festvox-jph broken depends agc Makefile
audio/festvox-kal16 broken depends agc Makefile
audio/festvox-kal8 broken depends agc Makefile
audio/festvox-ked16 broken depends agc Makefile
audio/festvox-ked8 broken depends agc Makefile
audio/festvox-mwm broken depends agc Makefile
audio/festvox-ogirab broken depends agc Makefile
audio/festvox-rab16 broken depends agc Makefile
audio/festvox-rab8 broken depends agc Makefile
audio/festvox-tll broken depends agc Makefile
audio/festvox-us1 broken depends agc Makefile
audio/festvox-us2 broken depends agc Makefile
audio/festvox-us3 broken depends agc Makefile
audio/flac build broken 16 agc Makefile
audio/gdcd broken depends jschauma distinfo
audio/gkrellm-volume broken depends agc Makefile
audio/gkrellm-xmms broken depends agc Makefile
audio/gmodplay not packaged jmmv Makefile
audio/gmp3info broken depends jlam Makefile
audio/gnome-media broken depends reed Makefile
audio/gnome-speech broken depends xtraeme Makefile
audio/gnome2-media broken depends reed Makefile
audio/gogo not packaged veego Makefile
audio/gqmpeg-skins broken depends grant Makefile
audio/gqmpeg broken depends jlam Makefile
audio/gtkmserv build broken agc Makefile
audio/icecast build broken xtraeme Makefile
audio/icecast1 build broken kim Makefile
audio/id3ed build broken gavan Makefile
audio/id3lib build broken 7 martti Makefile
audio/id3v2 broken depends grant Makefile
audio/juke broken depends jlam Makefile
audio/kdemultimedia2 broken depends reed Makefile
audio/kdemultimedia3 broken depends markd Makefile
audio/lame broken depends gavan Makefile
audio/libac3 build broken martti Makefile
audio/libao-arts broken depends jlam Makefile
audio/libcddb broken depends recht
audio/libsamplerate broken depends grant Makefile
audio/liveice broken depends grant Makefile
audio/mad broken depends grant Makefile
audio/mad123 broken depends grant Makefile
audio/madplay build broken 1 grant Makefile
audio/maplay build broken agc Makefile
audio/mbrola not packaged agc Makefile
audio/mbrolavox-en1 broken depends agc Makefile
audio/mbrolavox-us1 broken depends agc Makefile
audio/mbrolavox-us2 broken depends agc Makefile
audio/mbrolavox-us3 broken depends agc Makefile
audio/mikmod broken depends kristerw Makefile mycroft@NetBSD.ORG
audio/ build broken jschauma patch-ab
audio/mp32ogg broken depends agc Makefile
audio/mp3_check build broken grant Makefile
audio/mp3asm build broken agc Makefile
audio/mp3blaster broken depends wiz Makefile
audio/mp3check build broken grant Makefile
audio/mp3info build broken gavan Makefile
audio/mp3splt build broken agc Makefile
audio/mp3to broken depends grant Makefile
audio/musicbox broken depends agc Makefile
audio/musicbrainz build broken martti Makefile
audio/nspmod build broken zuntum PLIST mycroft@NetBSD.ORG
audio/oggasm broken depends agc Makefile
audio/openal build broken 1 agc Makefile
audio/oss not packaged agc Makefile
audio/py-cddb build broken jmc Makefile
audio/realplayer not packaged 1 agc Makefile
audio/rio not packaged agc Makefile
audio/rio500 build broken grant Makefile
audio/rioutil not packaged martti Makefile
audio/rosegarden build broken xtraeme Makefile
audio/snd build broken agc Makefile
audio/speex build broken 6 wiz Makefile
audio/spiralloops not packaged jmmv Makefile
audio/spiralsynth not packaged jmmv Makefile
audio/splay build broken grant Makefile
audio/streamtuner-live365 broken depends reed Makefile
audio/streamtuner-local broken depends reed Makefile
audio/streamtuner build broken 2 jlam MESSAGE
audio/sweep broken depends wiz Makefile
audio/tfmxplay build broken martti Makefile
audio/timidity broken depends wiz Makefile
audio/toolame build broken 7 dmcmahill patch-ac
audio/tosha broken depends zuntum PLIST
audio/tracker build broken agc Makefile
audio/tremor-tools broken depends cjep Makefile
audio/tremor build broken 1 agc Makefile
audio/trplayer not packaged agc Makefile
audio/vorbis-tools broken depends wiz Makefile
audio/wmmixer build broken 1 agc Makefile
audio/wmsmixer build broken grant Makefile
audio/wmusic broken depends wiz Makefile
audio/wsoundprefs broken depends reed Makefile
audio/wsoundserver broken depends reed Makefile
audio/xamp broken depends agc Makefile
audio/xanalyser build broken jlam Makefile
audio/xcdplayer build broken grant Makefile
audio/xfce4-mixer broken depends martti Makefile
audio/xfce4-xmms-plugin broken depends reed Makefile
audio/xmcd broken depends agc Makefile
audio/xmix build broken agc Makefile
audio/xmmix build broken uebayasi PLIST
audio/xmms-alarm broken depends wiz Makefile
audio/xmms-arts broken depends agc Makefile
audio/xmms-bezier broken depends grant Makefile
audio/xmms-blursk not packaged dmcmahill Makefile
audio/xmms-bump-scope broken depends grant Makefile
audio/xmms-crossfade broken depends grant Makefile
audio/xmms-dflowers broken depends grant Makefile
audio/xmms-dscope broken depends grant Makefile
audio/xmms-dspectogram broken depends hubertf Makefile
audio/xmms-dspectral broken depends grant Makefile
audio/xmms-esound broken depends wiz Makefile
audio/xmms-flac broken depends jmmv Makefile
audio/xmms-fmradio not packaged wiz Makefile
audio/xmms-funtimedancer broken depends jmmv Makefile
audio/xmms-gdancer broken depends grant Makefile
audio/xmms-infinity broken depends jmmv Makefile
audio/xmms-iris broken depends grant Makefile
audio/xmms-jakdaw broken depends grant Makefile
audio/xmms-jess broken depends jmmv Makefile
audio/xmms-liveice broken depends agc Makefile
audio/xmms-mad broken depends simonb distinfo
audio/xmms-madspin broken depends grant Makefile
audio/xmms-meta-csound broken depends agc Makefile
audio/xmms-meta-input broken depends jmmv Makefile
audio/xmms-meta-timidity broken depends agc Makefile
audio/xmms-musepack broken depends jmmv Makefile
audio/xmms-neato broken depends grant Makefile
audio/xmms-nebulus broken depends xtraeme Makefile
audio/xmms-paranormal broken depends xtraeme Makefile
audio/xmms-sid broken depends grant Makefile
audio/xmms-synaesthesia broken depends grant Makefile
audio/xmms-tv-scope broken depends jmmv Makefile
audio/xmms-vismsa broken depends martti Makefile
audio/xmms broken depends wiz Makefile
audio/xmp build broken 2 tron patch-af
audio/xmradio not packaged grant Makefile
audio/xsidplay broken depends agc Makefile
audio/xwave build broken grant Makefile
audio/yamt broken depends reed Makefile
benchmarks/benchfft broken depends mrauch Makefile
benchmarks/bonnie++ build broken jmmv Makefile
benchmarks/bonnie build broken agc Makefile
benchmarks/bytebench build broken wiz patch-ab
benchmarks/dhrystone build broken agc Makefile
benchmarks/httperf build broken wiz patch-aa
benchmarks/iozone build broken agc Makefile
benchmarks/kttcp not packaged agc Makefile
benchmarks/nettest build broken cjep Makefile
benchmarks/postal build broken jlam MESSAGE
benchmarks/randread build broken agc Makefile
benchmarks/skampi broken depends jmmv Makefile
benchmarks/ttcp build broken agc Makefile
benchmarks/xengine broken depends agc Makefile
biology/chemtool build broken jtb patch-aa
biology/clustalw build broken agc Makefile
biology/fastDNAml build broken agc Makefile
biology/fluctuate build broken agc Makefile
biology/glimmer build broken agc Makefile
biology/gp build broken jschauma distinfo
biology/hmmer build broken agc Makefile
biology/mummer build broken agc Makefile
biology/nut build broken wiz Makefile
biology/phylip build broken agc Makefile
biology/puzzle broken depends cjep Makefile
biology/rasmol build broken agc Makefile
cad/acs build broken martti Makefile
cad/atlc broken depends cjep Makefile
cad/boolean broken depends recht Makefile
cad/cascade build broken cjep Makefile
cad/covered-current broken depends cjep Makefile
cad/covered broken depends dmcmahill Makefile
cad/dinotrace-mode broken depends grant Makefile
cad/dinotrace build broken seb PLIST
cad/eagle not packaged agc Makefile
cad/electric build broken grant Makefile
cad/fastcap build broken agc Makefile
cad/fasthenry build broken agc Makefile
cad/felt build broken agc Makefile
cad/geda-docs broken depends dmcmahill distinfo
cad/geda-symbols broken depends dmcmahill Makefile
cad/geda-utils broken depends reed Makefile
cad/geda broken depends wiz Makefile
cad/gerbv build broken cjep Makefile
cad/gnetlist broken depends reed Makefile
cad/gnucap build broken dmcmahill Makefile
cad/gschem broken depends seb PLIST
cad/gsymcheck broken depends reed Makefile
cad/gtkwave build broken xtraeme Makefile
cad/gwave broken depends dmcmahill Makefile
cad/ipal-current build broken grant Makefile
cad/libgeda broken depends seb PLIST
cad/magic build broken grant Makefile
cad/ng-spice broken depends seb PLIST
cad/oregano broken depends reed Makefile
cad/pcb-current build broken seb PLIST
cad/py-MyHDL build broken kristerw Makefile
cad/qcad broken depends agc Makefile
cad/simian not packaged agc Makefile
cad/spice build broken agc Makefile
cad/tkgate build broken grant Makefile
cad/transcalc broken depends reed Makefile
cad/verilog-current broken depends cjep
cad/verilog-mode broken depends agc Makefile
cad/verilog broken depends jmmv distinfo
cad/vipec broken depends cjep Makefile
cad/xchiplogo broken depends reed Makefile
cad/xcircuit build broken agc Makefile
chat/aim not packaged agc Makefile
chat/bitchx broken depends agc Makefile
chat/bitlbee build broken xtraeme patch-aa
chat/bnc broken depends grant Makefile
chat/centericq broken depends xtraeme Makefile
chat/dccserver build broken wiz Makefile
chat/dircproxy build broken jlam MESSAGE
chat/eggdrop build broken grant Makefile
chat/ekg broken depends adam patch-ad
chat/emech build broken cjep Makefile
chat/everybuddy-gnome broken depends reed Makefile
chat/everybuddy build broken seb Makefile.common
chat/fugu broken depends cjep Makefile
chat/gabber broken depends kristerw distinfo
chat/gaim-gnome broken depends reed Makefile
chat/gaim broken depends jmmv patch-aa
chat/gale broken depends cjep Makefile
chat/gnomeicu broken depends reed Makefile
chat/gossip broken depends reed Makefile
chat/gtkyahoo broken depends wiz Makefile
chat/i2cb build broken agc Makefile
chat/i2cbd build broken jwise Makefile
chat/icb build broken tron distinfo
chat/icbirc build broken tron Makefile
chat/ickle broken depends wiz Makefile
chat/icqlib build broken grant Makefile
chat/ircII build broken 2 agc Makefile
chat/irchat-pj broken depends grant Makefile
chat/ircservices build broken jlam MESSAGE
chat/ircu build broken agc Makefile
chat/iroffer build broken rh Makefile
chat/irssi-icb broken depends agc Makefile
chat/irssi build broken 1 cjep Makefile
chat/jabberd build broken jlam MESSAGE
chat/kmess broken depends reed Makefile
chat/kopete broken depends jmmv Makefile
chat/kyim broken depends reed Makefile
chat/libicq2000 broken depends grant Makefile
chat/libyahoo build broken 1 jlam
chat/licq-core build broken 2 grant Makefile
chat/licq-gui-console broken depends jlam Makefile
chat/licq-gui-qt broken depends drochner Makefile
chat/liece broken depends seb PLIST
chat/naim broken depends xtraeme Makefile
chat/navi2ch broken depends seb PLIST
chat/ninja build broken xtraeme Makefile
chat/pircbot broken depends jschauma Makefile
chat/psi-ssl broken depends cjep Makefile
chat/psi broken depends xtraeme Makefile
chat/quirc build broken kristerw distinfo
chat/ser build broken kristerw Makefile
chat/silc-client-icb broken depends salo Makefile
chat/silc-client broken depends salo Makefile
chat/silc-server build broken salo Makefile
chat/sirc build broken grant Makefile
chat/tirc broken depends jlam Makefile
chat/tkirc broken depends agc Makefile
chat/tkirc2 broken depends agc Makefile
chat/tzc broken depends seb Makefile
chat/xaric build broken xtraeme Makefile
chat/xchat-gnome broken depends xtraeme Makefile
chat/xchat build broken reed Makefile.common
chat/xchat2 build broken xtraeme Makefile
chat/ymessenger not packaged grant Makefile
chat/zenicb broken depends uebayasi Makefile
chat/zenirc broken depends seb PLIST
chat/zephyr-mode broken depends grant Makefile
chat/zephyr build broken 2 agc Makefile
chat/zircon not packaged grant Makefile
comms/binkd build broken agc Makefile
comms/birda build broken seb Makefile
comms/dl-ezkit build broken agc Makefile
comms/efax-gtk broken depends agc Makefile
comms/estic build broken agc Makefile
comms/fidogate build broken seb PLIST
comms/gnome-pilot broken depends reed Makefile
comms/gscmxx broken depends salo Makefile
comms/gsmlib not packaged grant Makefile
comms/hylafax build broken 1 reed Makefile
comms/ifcico-cm build broken jmmv Makefile
comms/jpilot-syncmal broken depends cjep Makefile
comms/jpilot broken depends reed Makefile
comms/kermit build broken agc Makefile
comms/lrzsz build broken 1 yyamano Makefile
comms/malsync broken depends agc Makefile
comms/mgetty+sendfax broken depends agc Makefile
comms/minicom broken depends agc Makefile
comms/modemd build broken grant Makefile
comms/p5-pilot-link broken depends martti Makefile
comms/pilot-link-libs broken depends reed Makefile
comms/pilot-link broken depends cjep Makefile
comms/pilotmgr broken depends agc Makefile
comms/plp build broken grant Makefile
comms/plptools build broken gavan Makefile
comms/scmxx build broken 1 wiz patch-aa
comms/snooper build broken agc Makefile
comms/tkhylafax broken depends agc Makefile
comms/xisp broken depends reed Makefile
comms/xtel build broken grant Makefile
converters/ack build broken jmmv Makefile
converters/autoconvert broken depends grant Makefile
converters/bbcim build broken agc Makefile
converters/chef build broken jmmv Makefile
converters/doc2html broken depends cjep Makefile
converters/fondu build broken cjep Makefile
converters/hztty build broken martti Makefile
converters/latex2rtf build broken seb PLIST
converters/macfork build broken agc Makefile
converters/nkf build broken 4 seb Makefile
converters/py-jpCodecs build broken jmc Makefile
converters/py-koCodecs build broken jmc Makefile
converters/py-zhCodecs build broken agc Makefile
converters/rpm2cpio build broken 1 agc Makefile
converters/ruby-romkan broken depends grant Makefile
converters/tex2rtf build broken agc Makefile
converters/txt2man build broken grant Makefile
converters/uudeview build broken grant Makefile
converters/wv build broken 1 jlam MESSAGE
converters/xdeview build broken grant Makefile
converters/xlhtml build broken 1 agc Makefile
converters/yencode build broken grant Makefile
cross/avr-gcc build broken 1 heinz Makefile
cross/avr-libc broken depends wennmach Makefile
cross/avrdude broken depends seb PLIST
cross/bfd-crunchide broken depends agc Makefile
cross/bfd-mdsetimage broken depends agc Makefile
cross/binutils build broken 7 grant Makefile
cross/h8300-hms-binutils build broken 1 agc Makefile
cross/h8300-hms-gcc broken depends agc Makefile
cross/i386-cygwin32 broken depends agc Makefile
cross/i386-linux broken depends agc Makefile
cross/i386-linuxglibc1 broken depends jmc Makefile
cross/i386-mingw32 build broken agc Makefile
cross/i386-msdosdjgpp broken depends agc Makefile
cross/i386-netbsdpe not packaged 2 wiz
cross/icdprog build broken agc Makefile
cross/m68k-netbsd broken depends grant Makefile
cross/mipsEEel-netbsd build broken jlam MESSAGE
databases/abook broken depends jlam Makefile
databases/edb build broken gavan Makefile
databases/gdbm_primitive build broken agc Makefile
databases/geneweb broken depends grant Makefile
databases/gq broken depends jschauma Makefile
databases/gtksql build broken grant MESSAGE
databases/gtranscript broken depends reed Makefile
databases/guile-pg broken depends seb Makefile
databases/java-db3 broken depends agc Makefile
databases/jdbc-postgresql broken depends agc Makefile
databases/kmysqladmin broken depends reed Makefile
databases/libgda build broken 4 xtraeme Makefile.common
databases/libgnomedb broken depends reed Makefile
databases/libpqxx build broken is Makefile
databases/mergeant broken depends reed Makefile
databases/myodbc build broken jlam MESSAGE
databases/mysql-server build broken cube distinfo
databases/mysql4-client build broken 2 martti Makefile
databases/mysql4-server broken depends martti
databases/mysqlcc broken depends cjep Makefile
databases/odbc-postgresql build broken grant Makefile.common
databases/openldap broken depends jlam Makefile
databases/openldap1 build broken 1 grant Makefile
databases/p5-AddressBook broken depends martti Makefile
databases/p5-DBD-postgresql build broken 3 jlam Makefile
databases/pgaccess broken depends martti Makefile
databases/php3-ldap broken depends wiz Makefile
databases/php3-mysql broken depends jlam Makefile
databases/php3-pgsql broken depends jlam Makefile
databases/php4-ldap broken depends jdolecek Makefile
databases/php4-mysql build broken 1 jdolecek Makefile
databases/phpmyadmin broken depends agc Makefile
databases/postgresql-client build broken 6 jschauma Makefile
databases/postgresql-plperl broken depends jschauma Makefile
databases/postgresql-pltcl broken depends jschauma Makefile
databases/postgresql-server broken depends explorer
databases/postgresql broken depends cjs Makefile.common
databases/pxtools build broken jmmv Makefile
databases/py-PgSQL broken depends agc Makefile
databases/py-ZODB build broken recht Makefile
databases/py-bsddb3 broken depends epg Makefile
databases/py-gdbm build broken drochner patch-ai
databases/py-ldap broken depends cube Makefile
databases/py-metakit build broken agc Makefile
databases/py-mysqldb build broken 2 jlam MESSAGE
databases/py-postgresql broken depends drochner PLIST
databases/py-psycopg broken depends jmc Makefile
databases/py-sqlite broken depends recht PLIST
databases/py-sybase build broken cjep
databases/quicklist build broken grant Makefile
databases/rrdtool broken depends adam Makefile
databases/sdbm build broken 1 agc Makefile
databases/sqlite build broken 1 agc Makefile
databases/tcl-fbsql build broken agc Makefile
databases/tcl-postgresql build broken 2 jlam MESSAGE
databases/tk-postgresql broken depends jschauma Makefile
databases/unixodbc-DataManager broken depends wiz Makefile
databases/unixodbc-ODBCConfig broken depends wiz Makefile
databases/xmysql broken depends reed Makefile
databases/xmysqladmin broken depends reed Makefile
databases/xsqlmenu broken depends reed Makefile
databases/zope-mysql broken depends agc Makefile
devel/GConf broken depends reed Makefile
devel/GConf2-ui broken depends reed
devel/GConf2 broken depends reed Makefile.common
devel/Gorm broken depends reed Makefile
devel/ProjectCenter broken depends agc Makefile
devel/SDL broken depends recht distinfo
devel/SDL_gfx broken depends jmmv Makefile
devel/SDL_ttf broken depends jmmv
devel/SDLmm broken depends xtraeme Makefile
devel/aap build broken agc Makefile
devel/acme build broken agc Makefile
devel/aegis build broken recht Makefile
devel/ald not packaged agc Makefile
devel/anjuta broken depends reed Makefile
devel/apache-ant broken depends agc Makefile
devel/apel broken depends minoura Makefile
devel/apr broken depends epg Makefile
devel/as31 build broken agc Makefile
devel/asm2html build broken wiz Makefile
devel/astyle build broken jmmv Makefile
devel/at-spi broken depends reed
devel/autogen broken depends xtraeme Makefile
devel/avltree build broken grant Makefile
devel/bcc build broken cjep distinfo
devel/binutils build broken jlam
devel/blib build broken 4 reed Makefile
devel/boehm-gc build broken 12 jlam Makefile
devel/bonobo-conf broken depends reed Makefile
devel/bonobo broken depends reed Makefile
devel/boost build broken salo
devel/buildtool-doc broken depends xtraeme Makefile
devel/buildtool build broken 2 jmmv Makefile
devel/c-cpp-reference broken depends markd Makefile
devel/cbrowser broken depends martti Makefile
devel/cdecl build broken martti Makefile
devel/cdk broken depends agc Makefile
devel/cervisia2 broken depends reed Makefile
devel/chkpt not packaged grant Makefile
devel/cmake broken depends cjep Makefile
devel/cmdline build broken grant Makefile
devel/coconut broken depends reed Makefile
devel/cook build broken 1 grant Makefile
devel/cscope broken depends heinz Makefile
devel/cssc build broken seb Makefile
devel/cvsgraph broken depends martti Makefile
devel/cvsps build broken martti Makefile
devel/cvsup-bin not packaged 1 agc Makefile
devel/cvsup-gui-bin not packaged agc Makefile
devel/cvsup-gui not packaged xtraeme Makefile
devel/cvsup not packaged xtraeme PLIST
devel/cweb broken depends agc Makefile
devel/cxref build broken grant Makefile
devel/dejagnu broken depends grant Makefile
devel/devIL broken depends agc Makefile
devel/devhelp broken depends reed Makefile
devel/device-driver-doc-de build broken agc Makefile
devel/distcc build broken xtraeme Makefile
devel/dlcompat not packaged adam patch-aa
devel/dmake build broken agc Makefile
devel/dmalloc build broken 1 seb Makefile
devel/doc++ build broken martti Makefile
devel/doxygen broken depends agc Makefile
devel/eXdbm build broken 1 wiz
devel/eclipse broken depends cjep Makefile
devel/eel broken depends reed Makefile
devel/eel2 broken depends reed Makefile
devel/electricfence build broken hubertf Makefile
devel/elf broken depends kristerw Makefile
devel/elfsh build broken grant Makefile
devel/elib broken depends cube Makefile
devel/emacs-ilisp broken depends martti Makefile
devel/eric3 broken depends jmmv Makefile
devel/fastdep build broken jmmv Makefile
devel/ffcall build broken 22 martti Makefile
devel/fhist build broken martti Makefile
devel/flim broken depends minoura PLIST
devel/fortran-utils build broken agc Makefile
devel/g-wrap broken depends dent Makefile
devel/gail broken depends reed Makefile
devel/gal broken depends reed Makefile
devel/gal2 broken depends reed Makefile
devel/gconfmm broken depends reed Makefile
devel/gcvs build broken seb Makefile
devel/giblib broken depends reed Makefile
devel/gindent build broken 115 seb Makefile
devel/glade broken depends reed Makefile
devel/glade2 broken depends reed Makefile
devel/global build broken jlam MESSAGE
devel/gmp build broken 69 jlam Makefile
devel/gnome-common build broken grant Makefile
devel/gnome-objc broken depends reed Makefile
devel/gnome2-libole2 build broken jlam MESSAGE
devel/gnustep-base broken depends adam patch-ac
devel/gnustep-examples broken depends reed Makefile
devel/gnustep-objc build broken 21 adam
devel/gob build broken 3 grant Makefile
devel/gobo-eiffel broken depends agc Makefile
devel/gperf build broken 5 adam Makefile
devel/gputils build broken jmmv Makefile
devel/gscope broken depends reed Makefile
devel/gtkdiff broken depends reed Makefile
devel/gtl build broken 1 gavan Makefile
devel/gtoolkit-examples broken depends reed Makefile
devel/gtranslator broken depends reed Makefile
devel/guile-fcgi broken depends wiz Makefile
devel/guile-gtk broken depends grant Makefile
devel/guile-oops broken depends seb Makefile
devel/guile-slib broken depends grant Makefile
devel/guile-www broken depends seb Makefile
devel/haskell-mode broken depends grant Makefile
devel/hdf broken depends grant Makefile
devel/hdf5 build broken jtb PLIST
devel/hptools build broken agc Makefile
devel/id-utils build broken seb Makefile
devel/idiff build broken grant Makefile
devel/ipv6socket_scrub not packaged agc Makefile
devel/isect build broken jlam MESSAGE
devel/its4 build broken agc Makefile
devel/jam build broken grant Makefile
devel/javadeps broken depends agc Makefile
devel/jgrasp build broken jschauma Makefile
devel/jlib build broken martti Makefile
devel/kdbg broken depends reed Makefile
devel/kdebindings2 broken depends reed Makefile
devel/kdesdk2 broken depends reed Makefile
devel/kdesdk3 broken depends markd Makefile
devel/kdevelop-base broken depends reed Makefile
devel/kdevelop broken depends grant Makefile
devel/lcc not packaged martti Makefile
devel/ldapsdk build broken 1 agc Makefile
devel/libargparse build broken 1 gavan Makefile
devel/libast broken depends reed Makefile
devel/libavl build broken seb Makefile
devel/libbegemot build broken 1 martti Makefile
devel/libbonobo broken depends xtraeme
devel/libbonoboui broken depends reed Makefile
devel/libctl broken depends grant Makefile
devel/libebml build broken kristerw distinfo
devel/libetm build broken 2 agc Makefile
devel/libevent build broken 2 martti Makefile
devel/libffi build broken jmmv Makefile
devel/libg++ not packaged seb Makefile
devel/libgetopt build broken 11 agc Makefile,
devel/libglade broken depends reed Makefile
devel/libglade2 build broken 71 reed Makefile
devel/libgnome broken depends jlam Makefile
devel/libgnomeui broken depends reed Makefile
devel/libgphoto2 broken depends is
devel/libgsf broken depends jmmv Makefile
devel/libgtop not packaged reed Makefile
devel/libgtop2 not packaged 3 xtraeme Makefile
devel/libhfs build broken 2 martti Makefile
devel/libidn broken depends xtraeme PLIST
devel/libmemmgr broken depends agc Makefile
devel/libmm build broken 41 jlam Makefile
devel/libmpeg3 build broken 2 mrg patch-ah
devel/libnet build broken 14 agc Makefile
devel/libntlm build broken 1 cjep
devel/libole2 build broken 5 grant Makefile
devel/liboop build broken grant Makefile
devel/libportlib build broken 1 agc Makefile
devel/librsync build broken 1 salo Makefile
devel/libscsi build broken 2 grant Makefile
devel/libsigc++10 build broken 8 martti Makefile
devel/libsmi build broken grant Makefile
devel/libstash build broken martti Makefile
devel/libstree build broken gson Makefile
devel/libstroke build broken 6 grant Makefile
devel/libtar build broken martti Makefile
devel/libtecla build broken 1 agc Makefile
devel/libtool-info build broken 2 jmmv Makefile
devel/libtool broken depends agc Makefile.common
devel/libts build broken 2 agc Makefile
devel/libusb build broken 12 grant Makefile
devel/libwnck build broken 9 jlam MESSAGE
devel/lwp not packaged 4 drochner Makefile
devel/maketool build broken jlam MESSAGE
devel/mit-pthreads not packaged grant Makefile
devel/mph build broken jmmv Makefile
devel/mrproject broken depends reed Makefile
devel/nana build broken seb Makefile
devel/nasm build broken 27 jlam MESSAGE
devel/nbitools build broken 13 grant Makefile
devel/netcdf broken depends agc Makefile
devel/ncurses build broken 136 jlam Makefile
devel/newfile broken depends wiz Makefile
devel/newmkdep build broken agc Makefile
devel/noweb broken depends agc Makefile
devel/nqc build broken grant Makefile
devel/oaf broken depends reed Makefile
devel/ode build broken xtraeme Makefile
devel/ogre broken depends agc Makefile
devel/opencm broken depends agc Makefile
devel/p4-docs build broken salo Makefile
devel/p4pr build broken agc Makefile
devel/p4web build broken schmonz Makefile
devel/p5-Curses broken depends jlam Makefile
devel/p5-LDAP broken depends agc Makefile
devel/p5-Module-Dependency broken depends grant Makefile
devel/p5-PV broken depends grant Makefile
devel/p5-SDL broken depends reed Makefile
devel/p5-Term-ReadLine broken depends erh Makefile
devel/p5-subversion broken depends epg Makefile
devel/palmos-includes broken depends jlam Makefile
devel/pardiff build broken martti Makefile
devel/pccts build broken 3 agc Makefile
devel/pedisassem build broken agc Makefile
devel/php3-pcre broken depends grant Makefile
devel/php4-gmp broken depends wiz Makefile
devel/physfs build broken 2 gavan Makefile
devel/pilrc build broken jlam MESSAGE
devel/prc-tools broken depends dillo Makefile
devel/prcs build broken cjep Makefile
devel/ptl2 build broken jlam MESSAGE
devel/pvs broken depends agc Makefile
devel/pwlib build broken 1 agc Makefile
devel/py-Optik build broken jmc Makefile
devel/py-TPG build broken recht Makefile
devel/py-checker build broken recht Makefile
devel/py-curses broken depends jlam Makefile
devel/py-cursespanel broken depends jlam Makefile
devel/py-expect broken depends grant Makefile
devel/py-idle broken depends seb Makefile
devel/py-kjbuckets build broken jmmv Makefile
devel/py-kqueue not packaged grant Makefile
devel/py-logging build broken recht PLIST
devel/py-pqueue build broken drochner
devel/py-readline build broken martti Makefile
devel/py-subversion broken depends epg Makefile
devel/py-unit build broken jmc Makefile
devel/py-unitgui broken depends recht PLIST
devel/py-zconfig build broken recht PLIST
devel/python-mode broken depends agc Makefile
devel/rapidsvn broken depends recht Makefile
devel/rdp build broken agc Makefile
devel/re2c build broken agc Makefile
devel/roundup build broken recht Makefile
devel/rpc2 broken depends drochner Makefile
devel/rt-mysql broken depends grant Makefile.common
devel/rt-pgsql broken depends atatat Makefile
devel/ruby-bsearch broken depends grant Makefile
devel/ruby-mode broken depends agc Makefile
devel/ruby-optparse build broken 14 taca Makefile
devel/ruby-rd-mode broken depends agc Makefile
devel/ruby-testunit broken depends taca Makefile
devel/ruby-unit broken depends taca Makefile
devel/rvm broken depends drochner distinfo
devel/sablecc build broken jschauma Makefile
devel/sdcc broken depends agc Makefile
devel/semantic broken depends seb Makefile
devel/semi broken depends minoura Makefile
devel/sfio build broken agc Makefile
devel/slib build broken 5 agc Makefile
devel/sml-mode broken depends seb Makefile
devel/smpeg broken depends jlam Makefile
devel/spiff build broken grant Makefile
devel/splint build broken agc Makefile
devel/st not packaged grant Makefile
devel/stlport build broken 1 mrauch patch-aj
devel/subversion-base broken depends epg Makefile
devel/subversion broken depends epg patch-ae
devel/swig-python build broken 2 recht Makefile
devel/swig build broken 1 agc Makefile
devel/tavrasm build broken jmmv patch-aa
devel/tcl-tclcl build broken 2 agc Makefile
devel/tet3 build broken agc Makefile
devel/tkcvs build broken grant Makefile
devel/tla build broken agc Makefile
devel/treecc build broken 4 xtraeme Makefile
devel/tvision broken depends kristerw Makefile
devel/umbrello broken depends reed Makefile
devel/uml broken depends agc Makefile
devel/unidiff broken depends agc Makefile
devel/unproven-pthreads not packaged 1 grant Makefile
devel/w32api broken depends agc Makefile
devel/xdelta build broken seb Makefile
devel/xxgdb build broken agc Makefile
devel/z80-asm build broken jmmv Makefile
editors/TeXmacs broken depends recht Makefile
editors/abiword broken depends agc Makefile
editors/abiword1 broken depends agc Makefile
editors/beav build broken agc Makefile bad@NetBSD.ORG
editors/biew not packaged wiz patch-aa
editors/bvi broken depends agc Makefile
editors/ce-x11 broken depends jlam Makefile
editors/ce broken depends jlam Makefile
editors/conglomerate broken depends reed Makefile
editors/cooledit build broken kristerw Makefile
editors/emacs-nox11 build broken seb Makefile
editors/emacs-packages broken depends uebayasi Makefile
editors/emacs build broken 55 reed Makefile
editors/gbib broken depends reed Makefile
editors/gconf-editor broken depends reed Makefile
editors/gedit broken depends reed Makefile
editors/gice build broken agc Makefile
editors/gnotepad broken depends reed Makefile
editors/gnuserv broken depends grant Makefile
editors/hexedit broken depends agc Makefile
editors/hnb broken depends xtraeme Makefile
editors/jde broken depends agc Makefile
editors/joe build broken agc Makefile
editors/jove build broken jmmv patch-aa
editors/kile broken depends markd distinfo
editors/leim broken depends agc Makefile
editors/lpe build broken xtraeme Makefile
editors/lyx-qt broken depends jmmv Makefile
editors/lyx-xforms broken depends reed Makefile
editors/manedit build broken agc Makefile
editors/matlab-mode broken depends agc Makefile
editors/mg2a build broken tron patch-an
editors/mined broken depends jlam Makefile
editors/mule-ucs broken depends taca Makefile
editors/mule broken depends agc Makefile
editors/nano broken depends jlam Makefile
editors/ne build broken agc Makefile
editors/ng broken depends agc Makefile
editors/nvi-m17n broken depends agc Makefile
editors/pico broken depends jlam Makefile
editors/sam broken depends agc Makefile
editors/speedbar broken depends seb Makefile
editors/tamago broken depends uebayasi patch-aa
editors/treetext build broken agc Makefile
editors/uemacs build broken agc Makefile
editors/ve build broken grant Makefile
editors/vigor build broken agc Makefile
editors/vile broken depends jlam Makefile
editors/vim-gtk broken depends jlam Makefile
editors/vim-gtk2 broken depends reed Makefile
editors/vim-kde broken depends agc Makefile
editors/vim-motif broken depends jlam Makefile
editors/vim-xaw broken depends jlam Makefile
editors/vim broken depends wiz Makefile
editors/wily broken depends grant Makefile
editors/xemacs-current build broken magick Makefile
editors/xemacs-nox11 build broken reed Makefile
editors/zile broken depends cjep Makefile
emulators/BasiliskII build broken agc Makefile
emulators/NeoPop-SDL broken depends wiz Makefile
emulators/arcem build broken agc Makefile
emulators/arnold broken depends agc Makefile
emulators/atari800 build broken agc Makefile
emulators/blinkensim broken depends reed Makefile
emulators/bochs build broken gavan Makefile
emulators/compat12 not packaged 1 jlam Makefile
emulators/compat13 not packaged 1 jlam Makefile
emulators/compat14-crypto not packaged grant Makefile
emulators/compat14 not packaged 10 grant Makefile
emulators/compat16 not packaged grant MESSAGE
emulators/darcnes build broken agc Makefile.common
emulators/darwin_lib not packaged manu distinfo
emulators/dega not packaged dmcmahill Makefile
emulators/dgen broken depends xtraeme Makefile
emulators/dosbox broken depends xtraeme distinfo
emulators/doscmd not packaged agc Makefile
emulators/fmsx build broken agc Makefile
emulators/freebsd_lib not packaged agc Makefile
emulators/fuse-utils build broken adam Makefile
emulators/fuse build broken grant Makefile
emulators/generator broken depends jmmv Makefile
emulators/gnuboy build broken martti Makefile
emulators/gpsim broken depends bouyer Makefile
emulators/hatari broken depends agc Makefile
emulators/hercules broken depends martti Makefile
emulators/ia64sim build broken grant Makefile
emulators/linux-locale not packaged grant Makefile
emulators/linuxppc_lib not packaged agc Makefile
emulators/lrmi not packaged drochner distinfo
emulators/minivmac build broken agc Makefile
emulators/mmix broken depends agc Makefile
emulators/netbsd32_compat14 not packaged jlam Makefile
emulators/netbsd32_compat15 not packaged 1 grant Makefile
emulators/netbsd32_compat16 not packaged grant Makefile
emulators/osf1_lib not packaged agc Makefile
emulators/p11 broken depends grant Makefile
emulators/palmosemulator broken depends agc Makefile
emulators/pcemu build broken zuntum PLIST
emulators/peace not packaged agc Makefile
emulators/rewind not packaged reed Makefile
emulators/simh build broken agc Makefile
emulators/snes9x broken depends agc Makefile
emulators/spim build broken agc Makefile
emulators/stella build broken agc Makefile
emulators/suse64_audio not packaged grant Makefile
emulators/suse64_base not packaged grant Makefile
emulators/suse64_compat not packaged grant Makefile
emulators/suse64_devel not packaged grant Makefile
emulators/suse64_glx not packaged grant Makefile
emulators/suse64_gtk not packaged grant Makefile
emulators/suse64_libc5 not packaged grant Makefile
emulators/suse64_libjpeg not packaged grant Makefile
emulators/suse64_libpng not packaged grant Makefile
emulators/suse64_linux not packaged grant Makefile
emulators/suse64_vmware not packaged grant Makefile
emulators/suse64_x11 not packaged grant Makefile
emulators/suse64_xforms not packaged grant Makefile
emulators/suse_audio not packaged jmmv Makefile
emulators/suse_base not packaged jmmv Makefile
emulators/suse_compat not packaged jmmv Makefile
emulators/suse_devel not packaged grant Makefile
emulators/suse_freetype2 not packaged cjep Makefile
emulators/suse_glx not packaged jmmv Makefile
emulators/suse_gtk not packaged jmmv Makefile
emulators/suse_libc5 not packaged jmmv Makefile
emulators/suse_libjpeg not packaged jmmv Makefile
emulators/suse_libpng not packaged jmmv Makefile
emulators/suse_libtiff not packaged jmmv Makefile
emulators/suse_linux not packaged martti Makefile.application
emulators/suse_openmotif not packaged jmmv Makefile
emulators/suse_slang not packaged grant Makefile
emulators/suse_vmware not packaged jmmv Makefile
emulators/suse_x11 not packaged jmmv Makefile
emulators/suse_xforms not packaged jmmv Makefile
emulators/swarm build broken agc patch-aa
emulators/twin build broken agc Makefile
emulators/uae build broken tron Makefile
emulators/vba broken depends agc Makefile
emulators/vice build broken kristerw Makefile
emulators/vmware-module not packaged 1 agc Makefile
emulators/vmware-module3 not packaged 1 jdolecek Makefile
emulators/vmware not packaged agc Makefile
emulators/vmware3 not packaged agc Makefile
emulators/wine not packaged abs Makefile
emulators/x48 build broken agc Makefile
emulators/xbeeb build broken agc Makefile
emulators/xm7 broken depends agc Makefile
emulators/xmame build broken 1 kristerw Makefile
emulators/xmess build broken kristerw Makefile
emulators/zsnes not packaged agc Makefile
finance/emma broken depends reed Makefile
finance/gkrellm-stock broken depends agc Makefile
finance/gnofin broken depends reed Makefile
finance/gnucash broken depends jmmv Makefile
finance/kmymoney2 broken depends reed Makefile
finance/xfinans build broken agc Makefile
fonts/Xg build broken 3 agc Makefile
fonts/acroread-chsfont broken depends agc Makefile
fonts/acroread-chtfont broken depends agc Makefile
fonts/acroread-font-share broken depends agc Makefile
fonts/acroread-jpnfont broken depends agc Makefile
fonts/acroread-korfont broken depends agc Makefile
fonts/arphic-ttf build broken 1 grant Makefile
fonts/chkfontpath broken depends jmmv Makefile
fonts/cyr-rfx-bulgarian-mik build broken wiz Makefile
fonts/cyr-rfx-ibm-cp866 build broken wiz Makefile
fonts/cyr-rfx-iso10646_0400 build broken wiz Makefile
fonts/cyr-rfx-iso8859_15 build broken wiz Makefile
fonts/cyr-rfx-iso8859_5 build broken wiz Makefile
fonts/cyr-rfx-koi8-o build broken wiz Makefile
fonts/cyr-rfx-koi8-ru build broken wiz Makefile
fonts/cyr-rfx-koi8-ub build broken wiz Makefile
fonts/cyr-rfx-koi8_1 build broken wiz Makefile
fonts/cyr-rfx-mac-cyrillic build broken wiz Makefile
fonts/cyr-rfx-windows_1251 build broken wiz Makefile
fonts/cyr-rfx-winlatin_1 build broken wiz Makefile
fonts/gucharmap broken depends reed Makefile
fonts/ja-elisau build broken agc Makefile
fonts/ja-shinonome build broken 1 jlam MESSAGE
fonts/jisx0208fonts broken depends martti Makefile
fonts/jisx0212fonts build broken agc Makefile
fonts/jisx0213fonts build broken toshii PLIST
fonts/kcfonts build broken agc Makefile
fonts/ko-hanyang build broken 1 grant Makefile
fonts/ko-kaist build broken 1 grant Makefile
fonts/ko-mizi broken depends grant Makefile
fonts/ko-x11fonts broken depends grant Makefile
fonts/kochi-ttf broken depends uebayasi Makefile
fonts/mglfonts build broken 1 grant Makefile
fonts/mkfontscale build broken 2 agc Makefile
fonts/mminstance build broken gavan Makefile
fonts/mozilla-fonts build broken martti Makefile
fonts/oto broken depends martti Makefile
fonts/pcf2bdf build broken agc Makefile
fonts/pfaedit build broken agc Makefile
fonts/sgi-fonts broken depends agc Makefile
fonts/vfontcap-kochi broken depends agc Makefile
games/0verkill build broken grant Makefile
games/KoboDeluxe broken depends reed Makefile
games/abuse build broken jlam Makefile
games/adom not packaged agc Makefile
games/an build broken agc Makefile
games/angband-tty build broken agc Makefile
games/angband-x11 broken depends jlam Makefile
games/asc broken depends agc Makefile
games/battalion build broken agc Makefile
games/battleball build broken agc Makefile
games/bomberclone broken depends wiz Makefile
games/boson broken depends reed Makefile
games/bridge-hands build broken agc Makefile
games/bzflag broken depends agc Makefile
games/cbzone build broken agc Makefile
games/ccgo broken depends reed Makefile
games/cgoban-java build broken agc Makefile
games/civctp-demo not packaged agc Makefile
games/clanbomber broken depends jmmv Makefile
games/colchess-book-colchess broken depends agc Makefile
games/colchess-book-large broken depends agc Makefile
games/colchess build broken 2 agc Makefile
games/copter-commander broken depends reed Makefile
games/corewars build broken martti Makefile
games/crack-attack build broken xtraeme PLIST
games/craft build broken agc Makefile
games/crafty-book-enormous broken depends agc Makefile
games/crafty-book-large broken depends agc Makefile
games/crafty-book-medium broken depends agc Makefile
games/crafty-book-small broken depends agc Makefile
games/crafty build broken 4 agc Makefile
games/crimsonfields broken depends wiz Makefile
games/criticalmass broken depends reed Makefile
games/crossfire-cli build broken jlam MESSAGE
games/crossfire-srv broken depends jmmv deinstall
games/defendguin broken depends wiz Makefile
games/digger broken depends wiz Makefile
games/dipmap build broken agc Makefile
games/dopewars broken depends jlam Makefile
games/eus-demo not packaged agc Makefile
games/exchess-book-medium broken depends agc Makefile
games/exchess-book-small broken depends agc Makefile
games/exchess build broken 2 agc Makefile
games/falcons-eye broken depends agc Makefile
games/finalbattle build broken agc Makefile
games/fire broken depends jmmv Makefile
games/fkiss build broken cjep Makefile
games/foobillard broken depends xtraeme Makefile
games/fortune-strfile not packaged 1 agc Makefile
games/fortunes-de broken depends agc Makefile
games/freeciv-client-gtk broken depends reed Makefile
games/freesci broken depends jmmv Makefile
games/frotz broken depends jlam Makefile
games/frozen-bubble broken depends wiz Makefile
games/galaxa build broken agc Makefile
games/gemdropx build broken agc Makefile
games/glchess broken depends jschauma Makefile
games/gltron broken depends agc Makefile
games/gnocatan broken depends reed Makefile
games/gnome-breakout broken depends reed Makefile
games/gnome-chess broken depends reed Makefile
games/gnome-games broken depends reed Makefile
games/gnome2-games broken depends xtraeme Makefile
games/gnuchess-book-chess broken depends agc Makefile
games/gnuchess-book-medium broken depends agc Makefile
games/gnuchess-book-small broken depends agc Makefile
games/gnuchess build broken 3 agc Makefile
games/gnuchess4 build broken agc Makefile
games/golddig build broken grant Makefile
games/grhino broken depends reed Makefile
games/gtetrinet broken depends reed Makefile
games/gtkballs build broken jlam MESSAGE
games/gtkgo broken depends agc Makefile
games/gturing broken depends reed Makefile
games/heretic2-demo not packaged agc Makefile
games/icbm3d build broken agc Makefile
games/icebreaker broken depends wiz Makefile
games/imaze build broken agc Makefile
games/iso-pernangband broken depends agc Makefile
games/jetpack build broken zuntum PLIST
games/kdegames2 broken depends reed Makefile
games/kdegames3 broken depends markd Makefile
games/kdetoys2 broken depends reed Makefile
games/kdetoys3 broken depends markd Makefile
games/ketm broken depends jmmv Makefile
games/knightcap build broken agc Makefile
games/knights broken depends reed Makefile
games/koth broken depends grant Makefile
games/kulki broken depends agc Makefile
games/lbreakout broken depends jmmv Makefile
games/lbreakout2 broken depends wiz Makefile
games/level9 broken depends agc Makefile
games/lgeneral-data broken depends grant Makefile
games/lgeneral broken depends wiz Makefile
games/lincity build broken jlam Makefile
games/lpairs broken depends jmmv Makefile
games/ltris broken depends wiz Makefile
games/maelstrom-sdl broken depends jmmv Makefile
games/maelstrom-x11 build broken agc Makefile
games/majesty-demo not packaged agc Makefile
games/marbles broken depends wiz Makefile
games/minami build broken agc distinfo
games/mirrormagic-sdl broken depends reed Makefile
games/mirrormagic build broken adam Makefile
games/moria build broken agc Makefile
games/nagi broken depends drochner Makefile
games/nethack-lib build broken 4 agc Makefile.common
games/nethack-qt broken depends pooka patch-aa
games/nethack-tty broken depends pooka distinfo
games/nethack-x11 broken depends pooka distinfo
games/nethack broken depends jmc Makefile
games/netmaj build broken agc Makefile
games/netmaze build broken agc Makefile
games/netris build broken wiz Makefile
games/newvox broken depends jmmv Makefile
games/nighthawk build broken agc Makefile
games/omega broken depends agc Makefile
games/openmortal broken depends kristerw distinfo
games/pacman broken depends jmmv Makefile
games/pag broken depends jlam Makefile
games/plib build broken xtraeme patch-aa
games/powwow build broken grant Makefile
games/prboom broken depends wiz Makefile
games/pysol broken depends grant Makefile
games/quake not packaged agc Makefile
games/quake3arena-demo not packaged agc Makefile
games/quake3arena not packaged agc Makefile
games/quake3server-ra3 not packaged cjep Makefile
games/quake3server not packaged xtraeme Makefile
games/quake6 build broken agc Makefile
games/rocksndiamonds-levels broken depends grant Makefile
games/rocksndiamonds-sdl broken depends reed Makefile
games/rocksndiamonds build broken 1 heinz Makefile
games/rollemup not packaged wiz Makefile
games/sarien broken depends drochner distinfo
games/scummvm broken depends adam distinfo
games/sirius broken depends reed Makefile
games/sl broken depends grant Makefile
games/spellcast build broken zuntum PLIST
games/spider build broken jschauma distinfo tech-pkg@NetBSD.ORG
games/svb build broken agc Makefile
games/tads not packaged agc Makefile
games/tanked build broken wiz patch-aa
games/tileworld broken depends agc Makefile
games/tscp build broken grant Makefile
games/tuxmath broken depends agc Makefile
games/tuxracer broken depends wiz Makefile
games/ularn build broken agc Makefile
games/vms-empire broken depends jlam Makefile
games/wormz build broken agc Makefile
games/xarchon broken depends hubertf Makefile
games/xbat build broken agc Makefile
games/xbill build broken martti Makefile
games/xblast build broken agc Makefile
games/xboard build broken jlam MESSAGE simonb@NetBSD.ORG
games/xboing build broken agc Makefile
games/xbreaky build broken martti Makefile
games/xconq build broken seb Makefile
games/xdemineur build broken grant Makefile
games/xdoom build broken agc Makefile
games/xemeraldia build broken grant Makefile
games/xevil build broken agc Makefile
games/xfreecell build broken agc Makefile
games/xfrisk build broken agc Makefile
games/xgalaga build broken agc Makefile
games/xgospel build broken hubertf Makefile
games/xjewel build broken grant Makefile
games/xjig build broken martti Makefile
games/xkobo build broken grant Makefile
games/xmahjongg build broken gavan Makefile
games/xmris build broken jlam Makefile
games/xnibbles build broken agc Makefile
games/xpat2 build broken jlam Makefile
games/xpilot build broken martti Makefile
games/xpipeman build broken agc Makefile
games/xpuyopuyo build broken jlam MESSAGE
games/xracer build broken wiz Makefile
games/xrick broken depends jmmv Makefile
games/xroach build broken grant Makefile
games/xroads build broken agc Makefile
games/xscavenger build broken agc Makefile
games/xscorch build broken jlam MESSAGE
games/xscrabble build broken agc Makefile
games/xskat build broken grant Makefile
games/xsoldier build broken jlam Makefile
games/xtris build broken agc Makefile opp@MuFFiN.Org
games/xtux build broken agc Makefile
games/xvier build broken martti Makefile
games/xworm build broken agc Makefile
games/zombies build broken grant Makefile
games/zoom build broken jlam MESSAGE
geography/gpspoint broken depends jschauma distinfo
geography/gpsutils build broken agc Makefile
geography/mapserver broken depends reed Makefile
geography/vis5d+ build broken jschauma
graphics/3DKit broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/CompuPic not packaged grant Makefile
graphics/GLXKit broken depends agc Makefile
graphics/GMT broken depends agc Makefile
graphics/GUIlib broken depends jmmv Makefile
graphics/GeometryKit broken depends agc Makefile
graphics/GlutKit broken depends agc Makefile
graphics/ImageViewer broken depends agc Makefile
graphics/Mesa build broken jschauma Makefile
graphics/MesaDemos build broken agc Makefile
graphics/MesaLib build broken 120 agc Makefile
graphics/PanoTools not packaged agc Makefile
graphics/RenderKit broken depends agc Makefile
graphics/SDLKit broken depends agc Makefile
graphics/SDL_image broken depends jlam Makefile
graphics/alevt not packaged fredb Makefile
graphics/apla broken depends jmmv Makefile,
graphics/aqsis broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/artist broken depends grant Makefile
graphics/avi-xmms broken depends xtraeme Makefile
graphics/avidemux broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/avifile-devel not packaged agc Makefile
graphics/avifile not packaged jmmv Makefile
graphics/barcode build broken seb Makefile
graphics/bktr2jpeg build broken wiz Makefile
graphics/blender broken depends jschauma Makefile
graphics/blinkenthemes broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/blinkentools broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/camediaplay build broken agc Makefile
graphics/camlimages broken depends jtb PLIST.opt
graphics/cdlabelgen build broken 1 jlam MESSAGE
graphics/clanlib build broken 2 jschauma Makefile
graphics/claraocr build broken jlam Makefile
graphics/cqcam not packaged grant Makefile
graphics/denemo broken depends grant Makefile
graphics/dia broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/divxplayer not packaged agc Makefile
graphics/dumpmpeg broken depends grant Makefile
graphics/dvdbackup build broken agc Makefile
graphics/dvdview broken depends grant Makefile
graphics/dx broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/dxsamples broken depends grant Makefile
graphics/ee broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/eog broken depends epg Makefile
graphics/eog2 broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/exif broken depends kristerw Makefile
graphics/feh broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/ffmpeg broken depends agc Makefile
graphics/filmgimp build broken jlam MESSAGE
graphics/flashplayer broken depends tron Makefile
graphics/fly broken depends seb Makefile
graphics/fnlib broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/fujiplay build broken agc Makefile
graphics/fxtv build broken 2 reed Makefile
graphics/g2 broken depends grant Makefile
graphics/g3d broken depends agc Makefile
graphics/gd broken depends simonb
graphics/gdchart broken depends grant Makefile
graphics/gdk-pixbuf-gnome broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/geomview build broken cjep Makefile
graphics/gfract build broken ben Makefile
graphics/gif320 build broken agc Makefile
graphics/giflib build broken grant Makefile
graphics/giftrans build broken agc Makefile
graphics/gimageview broken depends jmmv Makefile
graphics/gimp-base broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/gimp-data broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/gimp-wideangle broken depends agc Makefile
graphics/gimp broken depends grant Makefile
graphics/giram broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/gle build broken 35 grant Makefile
graphics/glu build broken 120 agc Makefile
graphics/gmencoder broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/gmngview build broken agc Makefile
graphics/gmplayer broken depends wiz distinfo
graphics/gnome-iconedit broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/gpaint broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/gphoto broken depends cube distinfo
graphics/gphoto2 broken depends salo Makefile
graphics/grap build broken agc distinfo
graphics/gri broken depends seb Makefile
graphics/gtkam broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/gtkglext build broken 1 reed Makefile
graphics/gxine broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/hp2xx build broken agc Makefile
graphics/iGMT broken depends agc Makefile
graphics/imlib build broken 125 reed Makefile
graphics/imlib2 build broken 22 reed Makefile
graphics/impress broken depends agc Makefile
graphics/ivtools build broken agc Makefile
graphics/kdegraphics2 broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/kdegraphics3 broken depends markd Makefile
graphics/kmplayer broken depends agc Makefile
graphics/lib3ds build broken 2 grant Makefile
graphics/libcaca build broken jmmv Makefile
graphics/libdvbpsi build broken jmmv Makefile
graphics/libexif-gtk broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/libexif build broken 7 salo
graphics/libflash build broken 2 agc Makefile
graphics/libggi broken depends agc Makefile
graphics/libggigcp broken depends agc Makefile
graphics/libggiwmh broken depends agc Makefile
graphics/libgnomecanvas broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/libmpeg2 build broken xtraeme Makefile
graphics/librsvg broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/librsvg2 broken depends xtraeme
graphics/libvideogfx build broken 1 grant Makefile
graphics/magicpoint build broken wennmach Makefile
graphics/mencoder broken depends wiz Makefile
graphics/mgl not packaged salo Makefile
graphics/mjpegtools broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/moz-bin-flash build broken xtraeme Makefile
graphics/moz-flash broken depends grant Makefile
graphics/moz-mplayer broken depends agc Makefile
graphics/mpeg-lib build broken 9 danw distinfo
graphics/mpeg_encode build broken 1 agc Makefile
graphics/mpeg_play build broken agc Makefile
graphics/mpgtx build broken cube Makefile
graphics/mplayer broken depends wiz distinfo
graphics/mplex broken depends cjep Makefile
graphics/mtv not packaged grant Makefile
graphics/ncview broken depends grant Makefile
graphics/ns-cult3d not packaged grant Makefile
graphics/nvtv-gtk2 not packaged reed Makefile
graphics/nvtv not packaged jmmv Makefile.common
graphics/ogle not packaged 1 jdc Makefile
graphics/ogle_gui broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/ogmtools build broken 1 wiz Makefile
graphics/opendis build broken grant Makefile
graphics/openptc build broken agc Makefile
graphics/p5-GD broken depends explorer Makefile
graphics/p5-GDGraph broken depends xtraeme Makefile
graphics/p5-GDGraph3d broken depends seb Makefile
graphics/p5-GDTextUtil broken depends seb Makefile
graphics/p5-GIFgraph broken depends grant Makefile
graphics/p5-Gdk-Pixbuf broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/p5-Image-Imlib2 broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/php3-gd broken depends jmc Makefile
graphics/phpsview broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/pixieplus broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/pixmap build broken agc Makefile
graphics/plasma build broken jmmv Makefile
graphics/ploticus broken depends agc Makefile
graphics/plotmtv build broken 1 agc Makefile
graphics/plplot broken depends agc distinfo
graphics/png2html broken depends grant Makefile
graphics/pngcrush build broken adam Makefile
graphics/povray build broken 1 jklos patch-ab
graphics/ppmtoxvpic broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/pstoedit build broken 3 agc Makefile
graphics/py-gd broken depends agc Makefile
graphics/py-gdchart broken depends grant Makefile
graphics/py-gimp broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/py-gnuplot broken depends recht PLIST
graphics/py-imaging build broken 8 recht PLIST
graphics/py-imagingtk broken depends drochner patch-aa
graphics/py-piddle build broken jmc Makefile
graphics/qcamview broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/qiv broken depends agc Makefile
graphics/qvplay build broken agc Makefile
graphics/rayshade broken depends grant Makefile
graphics/realplayer-codecs not packaged grant Makefile
graphics/resize_image build broken kristerw Makefile
graphics/ruby-gd broken depends agc Makefile
graphics/ruby-opengl build broken 1 agc Makefile
graphics/s10sh broken depends grant Makefile
graphics/sane-backends broken depends jdolecek Makefile
graphics/sane-frontends broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/scigraphica broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/scrot broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/sketch broken depends drochner patch-aa
graphics/smpeg-xmms broken depends xtraeme Makefile
graphics/sodipodi build broken jlam MESSAGE
graphics/swfdec build broken 3 jlam Makefile
graphics/tcm build broken agc Makefile
graphics/tkpiechart build broken grant Makefile
graphics/transcode broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/tuxpaint-stamps broken depends martti Makefile
graphics/tuxpaint broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/urt build broken 1 agc Makefile
graphics/vcg build broken agc Makefile
graphics/vid build broken jlam MESSAGE
graphics/viewfax build broken grant Makefile
graphics/water build broken jmmv Makefile
graphics/win32-codecs not packaged 4 recht Makefile
graphics/wmphoto build broken agc Makefile
graphics/xanim build broken 4 martti Makefile
graphics/xart build broken agc Makefile
graphics/xawtv broken depends agc Makefile
graphics/xdvipresent broken depends agc Makefile
graphics/xfce4-artwork broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/xfce4-iconbox broken depends martti Makefile
graphics/xfig build broken 1 agc Makefile
graphics/xgraph build broken grant Makefile
graphics/xine-lib broken depends wiz Makefile
graphics/xine-ui broken depends wiz Makefile
graphics/xpaint broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/xplot build broken cjep Makefile
graphics/xpm build broken 39 jlam Makefile
graphics/xsane broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/xvidcore broken depends agc Makefile
graphics/xzgv broken depends reed Makefile
graphics/yplot broken depends grant Makefile
ham/7plus build broken agc Makefile
ham/dpbox build broken agc Makefile
ham/hamlib build broken 1 jmc patch-ac
ham/locator build broken martti Makefile
ham/tfkiss build broken wiz MESSAGE
ham/tnt broken depends seb Makefile
ham/wwl build broken agc Makefile
ham/xlog broken depends grant Makefile
ham/yaesu build broken agc Makefile
inputmethod/Chinput broken depends grant Makefile
inputmethod/ami build broken jlam MESSAGE
inputmethod/canna-canuum broken depends uebayasi PLIST
inputmethod/canna-dict broken depends uebayasi Makefile
inputmethod/canna-lib broken depends uebayasi PLIST
inputmethod/canna-server broken depends uebayasi MESSAGE
inputmethod/canna broken depends uebayasi Makefile
inputmethod/iiimecf broken depends grant Makefile
inputmethod/ja-freewnn-dict broken depends grant Makefile
inputmethod/ja-freewnn-lib build broken 5 agc Makefile.common
inputmethod/ja-freewnn-server-bin broken depends jmmv Makefile
inputmethod/ja-freewnn-server broken depends grant Makefile
inputmethod/kinput2 broken depends grant Makefile
inputmethod/nabi build broken jlam MESSAGE
inputmethod/sj3-dict broken depends grant Makefile
inputmethod/sj3-lib broken depends grant Makefile
inputmethod/sj3-server-bin broken depends jmmv Makefile
inputmethod/sj3-server broken depends grant Makefile
inputmethod/skk broken depends minoura Makefile
inputmethod/skkfep build broken agc Makefile
inputmethod/skkinput build broken uebayasi Makefile
inputmethod/tc broken depends seb Makefile
inputmethod/unicon-im build broken 1 martti Makefile
lang/RScheme build broken agc Makefile
lang/baci build broken grant Makefile
lang/blackdown-jdk13 not packaged jlam Makefile
lang/blackdown-jre13 not packaged 1 agc Makefile.common
lang/brandybasic build broken agc Makefile abs
lang/bwbasic build broken agc Makefile
lang/caml-light build broken agc Makefile
lang/chicken build broken itojun Makefile
lang/cilk build broken jlam MESSAGE
lang/cint build broken 1 agc Makefile
lang/classpath broken depends grant Makefile
lang/clisp build broken agc Makefile
lang/coq broken depends jtb Makefile richards+netbsd@CS.Princeton.EDU
lang/drscheme build broken agc Makefile
lang/dylan-compiler not packaged wiz Makefile
lang/dylan-interpreter not packaged reed Makefile.common
lang/egcs build broken 9 seb Makefile
lang/eieio broken depends seb Makefile
lang/elk build broken 1 grant Makefile
lang/erlang not packaged jschauma Makefile
lang/ezm3 not packaged 2 xtraeme Makefile
lang/f2c build broken 45 agc Makefile
lang/focal build broken drochner Makefile
lang/fort77 broken depends martti Makefile
lang/gauche broken depends yyamano Makefile
lang/gb broken depends reed Makefile
lang/gcc3-ada not packaged drochner distinfo
lang/gcc3-c++ broken depends drochner distinfo
lang/gcc3-c build broken 5 drochner Makefile.common
lang/gcc3-f77 broken depends drochner distinfo
lang/gcc3-java broken depends drochner Makefile
lang/gcc3-objc broken depends drochner distinfo
lang/gforth broken depends uebayasi Makefile
lang/ghc not packaged kristerw distinfo
lang/gpc broken depends agc Makefile
lang/gprolog build broken agc Makefile
lang/guavac broken depends grant Makefile
lang/guile broken depends wiz Makefile
lang/guile14 broken depends jlam Makefile
lang/icon build broken 1 jtb Makefile
lang/intercal build broken martti Makefile
lang/ja-gawk build broken seb Makefile
lang/japhar build broken seb Makefile
lang/jasmin broken depends agc Makefile
lang/jbuilder-jit build broken agc Makefile
lang/jdk-openjit build broken jschauma Makefile.common
lang/jdk not packaged grant distinfo
lang/jikes build broken 2 xtraeme Makefile
lang/jini build broken agc Makefile
lang/joos broken depends jschauma Makefile
lang/kaffe broken depends dmcmahill Makefile
lang/ksi broken depends kristerw Makefile
lang/librep broken depends seb Makefile
lang/lua build broken 5 cube Makefile
lang/lua4 build broken 1 cjep Makefile
lang/maude broken depends agc Makefile
lang/mercury build broken jlam Makefile
lang/mono build broken xtraeme Makefile
lang/moscow_ml build broken agc Makefile
lang/mzscheme not packaged agc Makefile
lang/nhc98 build broken agc Makefile
lang/ocaml build broken 9 jlam Makefile
lang/onyx not packaged mrg distinfo
lang/oo2c broken depends xtraeme Makefile
lang/openc++ broken depends agc Makefile
lang/p2c build broken agc Makefile
lang/parrot build broken jlam MESSAGE
lang/pforth build broken agc Makefile
lang/pgcc build broken seb Makefile
lang/pnet broken depends xtraeme Makefile
lang/pnetC broken depends xtraeme Makefile
lang/pnetlib-nox11 broken depends xtraeme Makefile
lang/pnetlib broken depends xtraeme Makefile.common
lang/py-extclass broken depends agc Makefile
lang/py-psyco not packaged agc Makefile
lang/py-pyrex build broken recht Makefile
lang/python20 build broken 11 agc Makefile
lang/python23-pth build broken 13 recht Makefile
lang/python23 build broken 1 recht Makefile
lang/rexx-imc build broken martti Makefile
lang/sather broken depends kristerw distinfo
lang/scheme48 build broken itojun Makefile
lang/scm broken depends agc Makefile
lang/siod broken depends agc Makefile
lang/smalleiffel build broken 2 agc Makefile
lang/smalltalk broken depends jmc Makefile
lang/smlnj build broken 1 agc Makefile richards+netbsd@CS.Princeton.EDU
lang/squeak build broken agc Makefile
lang/stalin broken depends grant Makefile
lang/sun-jdk13 not packaged agc Makefile
lang/sun-jdk14 not packaged agc Makefile
lang/sun-jre13 not packaged 2 agc Makefile
lang/sun-jre14 not packaged 1 agc Makefile
lang/swi-prolog build broken agc Makefile
lang/tcl-expect build broken 3 agc Makefile.common
lang/tcl-itcl build broken 1 grant Makefile
lang/tcl-tclX build broken 1 agc Makefile
lang/tinyscheme build broken grant Makefile
lang/tk-expect broken depends martti Makefile
lang/tk-tclX broken depends agc Makefile
lang/twelf broken depends agc Makefile richards+netbsd@CS.Princeton.EDU
lang/utilisp build broken kristerw Makefile
lang/vscm build broken grant Makefile
lang/vslisp build broken agc Makefile
lang/wonka not packaged agc Makefile
lang/yabasic build broken cjep Makefile
mail/GNUMail broken depends agc Makefile
mail/Pantomime broken depends agc Makefile
mail/autorespond build broken martti Makefile
mail/balsa broken depends reed Makefile
mail/balsa2 broken depends reed Makefile
mail/bbmail build broken gavan Makefile
mail/bmf build broken martti Makefile
mail/bogofilter build broken manu Makefile
mail/clamav build broken 1 jlam MESSAGE
mail/coolmail build broken martti Makefile
mail/courier-authldap broken depends jmmv Makefile
mail/cucipop build broken grant Makefile
mail/cue build broken jlam MESSAGE
mail/cyrus-imapd broken depends jschauma Makefile
mail/cyrus-imapd22 build broken recht
mail/deliver build broken grant Makefile
mail/distribute build broken agc Makefile
mail/dot-forward broken depends martti Makefile
mail/drac build broken agc Makefile
mail/elm-me build broken agc Makefile
mail/elm broken depends grant Makefile
mail/etach broken depends grant Makefile
mail/evolution broken depends xtraeme Makefile
mail/evolution12 broken depends rh PLIST
mail/exim-exiscan build broken abs Makefile
mail/exim build broken agc Makefile.common
mail/exmh broken depends dsainty Makefile
mail/ezmlm-idx broken depends grant Makefile
mail/ezmlm broken depends martti Makefile
mail/fastforward broken depends jlam DEINSTALL
mail/fetchmail build broken 1 jlam Makefile
mail/fetchmailconf broken depends tron Makefile
mail/fix-mime-charset build broken wiz Makefile
mail/gnus broken depends lha Makefile
mail/hypermail build broken martti Makefile
mail/imp broken depends cjep PLIST
mail/isync build broken jlam MESSAGE
mail/ja-mh build broken grant Makefile
mail/kbiff broken depends reed Makefile
mail/libsieve broken depends agc Makefile
mail/libsnert build broken 2 jmmv Makefile
mail/mailagent not packaged jlam MESSAGE
mail/mailcrypt broken depends seb patch-aa
mail/maildrop build broken 2 grant Makefile
mail/mailman build broken xtraeme Makefile
mail/mailsync build broken agc Makefile
mail/mailwrapper build broken agc Makefile
mail/majordomo broken depends jlam DEINSTALL
mail/metamail build broken 4 agc Makefile
mail/mew-xemacs build broken seb Makefile
mail/mew broken depends minoura Makefile
mail/mew3 broken depends taca Makefile
mail/milter-regex build broken manu Makefile
mail/milter-sender broken depends jmmv Makefile
mail/milter-spamc broken depends cjep patch-aa
mail/msmtp build broken jlam MESSAGE
mail/mush build broken agc Makefile
mail/mutt build broken 1 agc Makefile
mail/newmail build broken agc Makefile
mail/nullmailer build broken grant Makefile
mail/oe2mbx build broken agc Makefile
mail/offlineimap build broken agc Makefile
mail/p5-Mail-ClamAV broken depends grant Makefile
mail/pine broken depends hubertf Makefile
mail/popa3d build broken wiz PLIST
mail/poppassd build broken taca patch-ab
mail/prayer build broken jlam MESSAGE
mail/qmail-conf broken depends martti Makefile
mail/qmail-qfilter build broken zuntum Makefile
mail/qmail not packaged 6 jlam Makefile
mail/qmailanalog build broken martti Makefile
mail/qpopper build broken jlam MESSAGE
mail/qtools broken depends martti Makefile
mail/rblcheck build broken zuntum PLIST
mail/ripmime build broken reed Makefile
mail/rmail-mime broken depends grant Makefile
mail/safecat build broken kristerw distinfo
mail/sendmail811 build broken agc Makefile
mail/sma build broken agc Makefile
mail/smtpfeed build broken wiz MESSAGE
mail/spamprobe build broken lukem distinfo
mail/spruce broken depends reed Makefile
mail/sqwebmail build broken jlam Makefile
mail/ssmtp build broken agc Makefile
mail/sylpheed-claws-dillo-viewer broken depends cube Makefile
mail/sylpheed-claws-ghostscript-viewer broken depends cube Makefile
mail/sylpheed-claws-image-viewer broken depends reed Makefile
mail/sylpheed-claws-trayicon broken depends cube Makefile
mail/sylpheed-claws broken depends adam Makefile
mail/sylpheed-gtk2 broken depends xtraeme Makefile
mail/sylpheed broken depends xtraeme Makefile
mail/sympa broken depends cjep Makefile
mail/teapop build broken jlam Makefile
mail/tmda build broken recht Makefile
mail/tnef2txt build broken martti Makefile
mail/vm broken depends seb Makefile
mail/wl broken depends seb Makefile
mail/wmbiff broken depends reed Makefile
mail/wmmail broken depends grant Makefile
mail/xbuffy build broken martti Makefile
mail/xfmail not packaged reed Makefile
mail/xmailwatcher build broken kristerw Makefile
mail/yatsvrs build broken taca distinfo
math/R broken depends agc Makefile.extension
math/algae broken depends seb Makefile
math/bc build broken reed patch-ab
math/blas broken depends agc Makefile
math/blitz++ build broken grant Makefile
math/calc broken depends seb Makefile
math/capc-calc build broken jlam Makefile
math/cassowary broken depends grant Makefile
math/dcdflib.c build broken agc Makefile
math/dcdflib.f broken depends agc Makefile
math/dfftpack broken depends agc Makefile
math/eispack broken depends agc Makefile
math/ess broken depends seb Makefile
math/eukleides broken depends seb Makefile
math/euler build broken agc Makefile
math/fftpack broken depends agc Makefile
math/fftw broken depends seb Makefile
math/fftw2 broken depends seb Makefile
math/gap build broken 7 cjep Makefile
math/gcalctool broken depends xtraeme Makefile
math/gnumeric broken depends reed Makefile
math/gnumeric0 broken depends reed Makefile
math/gp-autpgrp broken depends agc Makefile
math/gp-factint broken depends agc Makefile
math/gp-fplsa broken depends agc Makefile
math/gp-grape broken depends agc Makefile
math/gp-grpconst broken depends agc Makefile
math/gp-lag broken depends agc Makefile
math/grace broken depends reed Makefile
math/graphopt build broken jlam MESSAGE
math/gsl build broken 2 dmcmahill
math/guppi broken depends jmmv Makefile
math/lapack broken depends agc Makefile
math/libffm not packaged martti Makefile
math/linpack broken depends agc Makefile
math/mcsim build broken agc Makefile
math/meschach build broken agc Makefile
math/minpack broken depends agc Makefile
math/ntl broken depends agc Makefile
math/octave-current broken depends jmmv Makefile
math/octave broken depends jmmv Makefile
math/odepack broken depends agc Makefile
math/p5-Math-Pari broken depends martti Makefile
math/pari-galdata broken depends agc Makefile
math/pari broken depends cjep Makefile
math/pspp build broken seb Makefile
math/py-Numeric build broken 9 recht Makefile
math/py-Scientific broken depends recht Makefile
math/py-fpconst build broken 2 recht Makefile
math/py-rpy broken depends adam distinfo
math/quadpack broken depends agc Makefile
math/randlib build broken agc Makefile
math/rlab build broken agc Makefile
math/ruby-gsl broken depends agc Makefile
math/sc build broken agc Makefile
math/scilab broken depends agc Makefile
math/slatec broken depends agc Makefile
math/snns build broken grant Makefile
math/statist build broken agc Makefile
math/superlu broken depends agc Makefile
math/tasp-vsipl build broken wiz patch-ae
math/tela broken depends grant Makefile
math/tochnog build broken agc Makefile
math/udunits build broken 1 agc Makefile
math/vista build broken agc Makefile
math/xeukleides broken depends jlam Makefile
math/xgap broken depends agc Makefile
math/xldlas not packaged agc Makefile
math/xlife build broken agc Makefile
math/xmgr broken depends kristerw Makefile
math/yacas build broken gavan Makefile
mbone/common-mml build broken 1 agc Makefile
mbone/imm build broken agc Makefile
mbone/mdp build broken agc Makefile
mbone/nte build broken agc Makefile
mbone/rat build broken cjep patch-ai
mbone/sdr broken depends agc Makefile
mbone/vat build broken agc Makefile
mbone/vic build broken agc Makefile
meta-pkgs/edesktop broken depends martti Makefile
meta-pkgs/fxtv-capture broken depends martti Makefile
meta-pkgs/gnome broken depends rh Makefile
meta-pkgs/gnome2 broken depends xtraeme Makefile
meta-pkgs/gnustep broken depends reed Makefile
meta-pkgs/kde3 broken depends markd Makefile
meta-pkgs/netbsd-doc-print broken depends martti Makefile
meta-pkgs/netbsd-doc broken depends martti Makefile
meta-pkgs/netbsd-www broken depends martti Makefile
meta-pkgs/web-server broken depends martti Makefile
meta-pkgs/windowmaker-desktop broken depends wiz Makefile
meta-pkgs/xfce4 broken depends martti Makefile.common
misc/bbappconf build broken cjep Makefile
misc/bbdb broken depends cjep Makefile
misc/bbweather build broken jlam MESSAGE
misc/bidwatcher build broken tron Makefile
misc/blackbook build broken wiz Makefile
misc/blccc broken depends reed Makefile
misc/bottlerocket build broken kim Makefile
misc/brs build broken agc Makefile
misc/bsdiff build broken cjep Makefile
misc/buffer build broken martti Makefile
misc/celestia-gnome broken depends reed Makefile
misc/celestia-kde broken depends reed Makefile
misc/celestia broken depends markd patch-af
misc/chipmunk not packaged martti Makefile
misc/colorize build broken agc Makefile
misc/colorls build broken grant Makefile
misc/colortail build broken jschauma distinfo
misc/cuecat build broken martti Makefile
misc/cuetools build broken jmmv Makefile
misc/dialog build broken 61 danw distinfo
misc/dirdiff build broken agc patch-aa
misc/dnetc build broken kristerw Makefile
misc/dsbr100 not packaged cjep Makefile
misc/dt not packaged agc Makefile
misc/dvorakng build broken jmmv patch-aa
misc/dync build broken grant Makefile
misc/elizatalk build broken agc Makefile
misc/fd build broken grant Makefile
misc/fep build broken agc Makefile
misc/fooseti broken depends xtraeme Makefile
misc/gkrellm-moon broken depends reed Makefile
misc/gkrellm-weather broken depends reed Makefile
misc/gnome-pim broken depends reed Makefile
misc/gnome-utils broken depends reed Makefile
misc/gnome2-utils broken depends xtraeme Makefile
misc/gok broken depends reed Makefile
misc/gpsd build broken 1 grant Makefile
misc/gpsdrive broken depends grant Makefile
misc/gst-plugins broken depends reed Makefile
misc/gstreamer broken depends reed Makefile
misc/gxmame broken depends reed Makefile
misc/heyu build broken 1 agc Makefile
misc/hitchhiker broken depends reed Makefile
misc/ibutton-pdkit build broken agc Makefile
misc/iselect build broken jlam Makefile
misc/ja-man broken depends grant Makefile
misc/jhd broken depends grant Makefile
misc/jitterbug broken depends agc Makefile
misc/jive build broken agc Makefile
misc/kanjipad build broken jlam MESSAGE
misc/kdeaddons2 broken depends reed Makefile
misc/kdeaddons3 broken depends markd Makefile
misc/kdeadmin2 broken depends reed Makefile
misc/kdeadmin3 broken depends markd Makefile
misc/kdeartwork2 broken depends reed Makefile
misc/kdeartwork3 broken depends markd Makefile
misc/kdeedu3 broken depends markd distinfo
misc/kdepim2 broken depends cjep Makefile
misc/kdepim3 broken depends markd Makefile
misc/kdeutils2 broken depends reed Makefile
misc/kdeutils3 broken depends markd Makefile
misc/kdrill build broken martti Makefile
misc/kodos broken depends recht distinfo
misc/koffice-devel broken depends reed Makefile
misc/koffice broken depends reed Makefile
misc/koffice11 broken depends reed Makefile
misc/kp build broken grant Makefile
misc/ktail broken depends reed Makefile
misc/libcdio build broken 1 recht
misc/lile build broken grant Makefile
misc/lookup broken depends seb Makefile
misc/molden broken depends martti Makefile
misc/multitail build broken jlam Makefile
misc/nxtvepg not packaged jlam MESSAGE
misc/ooqstart broken depends reed Makefile
misc/openoffice-linux not packaged agc Makefile
misc/openoffice not packaged agc Makefile
misc/parchive build broken agc Makefile
misc/pdmenu build broken agc Makefile
misc/pinfo build broken jlam Makefile
misc/pty-redir build broken 1 zuntum PLIST
misc/reed build broken jlam MESSAGE
misc/root-tail build broken salo Makefile
misc/root broken depends agc Makefile
misc/routeplanner-cli build broken agc Makefile
misc/rpm build broken 63 grant distinfo
misc/sch build broken agc Makefile
misc/sci build broken grant Makefile
misc/screen build broken wiz distinfo
misc/setiathome build broken 1 reed MESSAGE.NetBSD
misc/siag broken depends jlam Makefile
misc/splitvt build broken martti Makefile
misc/staroffice not packaged agc Makefile
misc/team build broken jmmv Makefile
misc/udfclient build broken agc Makefile
misc/vfu build broken jlam MESSAGE
misc/watch build broken martti Makefile
misc/xchm broken depends xtraeme Makefile
misc/xjdic build broken agc Makefile
misc/xtend broken depends zuntum PLIST
misc/yelp broken depends reed Makefile
misc/yrolo build broken agc Makefile
net/6tunnel build broken agc Makefile
net/GeoIP build broken jmmv Makefile
net/IglooFTP build broken agc Makefile
net/LaBrea broken depends agc Makefile
net/ORBit broken depends grant Makefile
net/ORBit2 broken depends xtraeme distinfo
net/SDL_net build broken 4 jmmv Makefile
net/airport2basestationconfig build broken grant Makefile
net/airportbasestationconfig build broken grant Makefile
net/airportmodemutility build broken grant Makefile
net/amule broken depends xtraeme PLIST
net/archie build broken agc Makefile
net/arla build broken jlam MESSAGE
net/arpd build broken tron distinfo
net/arpwatch build broken martti Makefile
net/batchftp build broken agc Makefile
net/bftpd build broken jmmv Makefile
net/bind4 build broken agc Makefile
net/bind8 build broken agc Makefile
net/bittorrent broken depends recht Makefile
net/bounce build broken agc Makefile
net/bpalogin build broken agc Makefile
net/bridged build broken agc Makefile
net/bug-buddy broken depends reed Makefile
net/cdpd broken depends seb Makefile
net/choparp build broken grant Makefile
net/chrony build broken jlam Makefile
net/cia build broken tron distinfo
net/cidr build broken agc Makefile
net/citrix_ica build broken agc Makefile
net/coda5_client broken depends jlam Makefile
net/coda5_server broken depends jschauma Makefile
net/connect build broken tron Makefile
net/dc_gui2 broken depends reed Makefile
net/dctc build broken 1 jlam MESSAGE
net/ddclient build broken jlam
net/dgd build broken agc Makefile
net/dhid broken depends grant Makefile
net/dhisd broken depends cjep Makefile
net/dip build broken tron distinfo
net/djbdns build broken schmonz patch-ac
net/dlint build broken jlam MESSAGE
net/dnstop build broken agc Makefile
net/dnstracer build broken martti Makefile
net/driftnet build broken grant Makefile
net/dynipclient build broken jmmv Makefile
net/edonkey2k not packaged agc Makefile
net/etherape broken depends reed Makefile
net/ettercap build broken xtraeme Makefile
net/firewalk-gtk broken depends agc Makefile
net/firewalk broken depends agc Makefile
net/flan broken depends agc Makefile
net/flow-tools build broken grant Makefile
net/fping6 build broken abs distinfo
net/freeradius build broken cube Makefile
net/freewais-sf build broken 1 jlam MESSAGE
net/ftpproxy build broken taca Makefile
net/gated build broken xtraeme distinfo
net/gethost build broken martti Makefile
net/gftp-gtk1 build broken xtraeme Makefile
net/gftp build broken tron PLIST
net/gini build broken wiz Makefile
net/gkrellm-ping broken depends agc Makefile
net/gkrellm-snmp broken depends reed Makefile
net/gkrellm-wireless not packaged reed Makefile
net/gnapster broken depends reed Makefile
net/gnet1 build broken 1 martti Makefile
net/gnubile broken depends reed Makefile
net/gopher build broken agc Makefile
net/gtk-gnutella build broken jlam MESSAGE
net/gtk_wicontrol not packaged grant Makefile
net/gtksamba broken depends reed Makefile
net/gtm broken depends reed Makefile
net/host build broken agc Makefile
net/hping build broken agc Makefile
net/icsi-finger build broken agc Makefile
net/ipa not packaged xtraeme Makefile
net/iplog build broken agc distinfo
net/ipv6calc build broken jlam MESSAGE
net/ipw build broken agc Makefile,
net/irrd broken depends agc Makefile
net/isic broken depends wiz Makefile
net/ispman broken depends agc Makefile
net/jumpgate build broken grant Makefile
net/jwhois build broken kleink Makefile
net/kdenetwork2 broken depends reed Makefile
net/kdenetwork3 broken depends markd patch-aa
net/lambdamoo-core build broken 1 agc Makefile
net/lambdamoo-doc build broken 1 agc Makefile
net/lambdamoo broken depends agc Makefile
net/latd build broken xtraeme Makefile
net/lft build broken grant Makefile
net/libIDL build broken 79 jlam MESSAGE
net/liblive build broken agc Makefile
net/libnids broken depends kristerw Makefile
net/libsscript build broken martti Makefile
net/lopster build broken grant Makefile
net/maradns build broken cube Makefile
net/md-whois build broken agc Makefile
net/mirror build broken agc Makefile
net/mldonkey broken depends agc Makefile
net/mouse-pppoe build broken agc Makefile
net/mrstat build broken abs Makefile
net/mrt build broken agc Makefile
net/mrtg broken depends martti Makefile
net/nam broken depends agc Makefile
net/nap build broken jlam Makefile
net/napshare build broken jlam MESSAGE
net/nbtscan build broken grant Makefile
net/ncftp3 build broken agc Makefile
net/neat broken depends agc Makefile
net/nemesis broken depends martti Makefile
net/netatalk-asun build broken agc distinfo
net/netatalk-umich build broken agc Makefile
net/netatalk build broken jlam MESSAGE
net/netname build broken 2 martti Makefile
net/netperf build broken zuntum PLIST
net/netsaint-base broken depends martti Makefile
net/netsaint-plugin-cluster broken depends agc Makefile
net/netsaint-plugin-snmp broken depends wiz Makefile
net/netsaint-plugins broken depends jschauma distinfo
net/ngrep build broken agc Makefile
net/nicotine broken depends reed Makefile
net/nocol build broken grant Makefile
net/nprobe not packaged agc Makefile
net/ns broken depends agc Makefile
net/nsca broken depends martti Makefile
net/ntop build broken jlam Makefile
net/ntop2 broken depends agc Makefile
net/ntp4 build broken jlam MESSAGE
net/oidentd build broken tron distinfo
net/openag build broken jlam MESSAGE
net/openh323 broken depends agc Makefile
net/overnet not packaged agc Makefile
net/p5-Net-Z3950 build broken jlam MESSAGE
net/p5-SNMP broken depends jlam Makefile
net/p5-Wais broken depends martti Makefile
net/p5-ispman build broken 1 agc Makefile
net/pchar build broken atatat Makefile
net/pconsole build broken martti Makefile
net/php3-snmp broken depends fredb Makefile
net/pim6dd build broken agc Makefile
net/pim6sd build broken agc Makefile
net/pload build broken grant Makefile
net/poink build broken wiz patch-ab
net/polsms build broken agc Makefile
net/poptop build broken agc Makefile
net/ppp-mppe not packaged cube distinfo
net/pptp build broken grant Makefile
net/puf build broken xtraeme Makefile
net/pxe build broken gavan Makefile
net/py-IP build broken jmc Makefile
net/py-METAR build broken 1 jmc Makefile
net/py-ORBit broken depends salo Makefile
net/py-adns build broken recht PLIST
net/py-dns build broken jmc Makefile
net/py-google broken depends agc Makefile
net/py-mimelib build broken 1 kristerw Makefile
net/py-soappy broken depends recht Makefile
net/py-spreadmodule broken depends recht Makefile
net/py-zsi broken depends recht Makefile
net/pygopherd build broken recht
net/pyslsk broken depends recht Makefile
net/qadsl build broken grant Makefile
net/quagga build broken jlam MESSAGE
net/ra-pna-proxy build broken agc Makefile
net/ra-rtsp-proxy build broken agc Makefile
net/radiusd-cistron build broken martti Makefile
net/rdesktop10 build broken jschauma Makefile
net/rdist6 build broken 2 kim distinfo
net/rinetd build broken agc Makefile
net/ripe-whois-tools build broken agc Makefile
net/rootprobe build broken agc Makefile
net/rp-l2tp build broken jmmv Makefile
net/rp-pppoe build broken agc Makefile
net/ruby-drb broken depends grant Makefile
net/ruby-icmp build broken grant Makefile
net/samba build broken 1 agc Makefile
net/scli build broken xtraeme Makefile
net/sdig build broken jlam MESSAGE
net/sdist broken depends martti Makefile
net/sendfile build broken agc Makefile
net/sftp build broken martti Makefile
net/sharity-light build broken zuntum PLIST
net/sitescooper broken depends martti Makefile
net/slurm build broken cube patch-ac
net/smokeping broken depends martti Makefile
net/sniffit build broken jlam Makefile
net/snort-mysql build broken jlam MESSAGE
net/snort-pgsql build broken salo Makefile
net/snort build broken salo Makefile
net/socks4 build broken agc Makefile
net/socks5 build broken agc Makefile
net/soup broken depends reed Makefile
net/speakfreely build broken 1 jlam MESSAGE
net/speedtouch broken depends abs Makefile
net/spegla build broken jmmv Makefile
net/spread build broken 1 agc Makefile
net/srsh build broken 3 martti Makefile
net/ssync broken depends martti Makefile
net/stripes build broken jlam MESSAGE
net/tcl-scotty build broken 1 agc Makefile
net/tcpdmerge build broken agc Makefile
net/tcpdpriv build broken agc Makefile
net/tcpdstat build broken agc Makefile
net/tcpillust build broken grant Makefile
net/tcpreplay broken depends grant Makefile
net/tcptraceroute broken depends kim Makefile
net/tightvnc build broken agc Makefile
net/tkined broken depends agc Makefile
net/tn5250 build broken cjep patch-ac
net/totd build broken wiz distinfo
net/trafshow build broken grant Makefile
net/trickle broken depends xtraeme Makefile
net/tsclient broken depends jmmv Makefile
net/tsocks build broken jmmv Makefile
net/tspc not packaged jonb patch-ab
net/ttt broken depends xtraeme Makefile
net/ucd-snmp build broken 4 jlam MESSAGE
net/unison broken depends agc Makefile
net/upclient build broken jklos MESSAGE
net/userppp not packaged 1 agc Makefile
net/vnc broken depends agc Makefile
net/vncviewer build broken 2 agc Makefile
net/vsftpd build broken salo Makefile
net/vtun build broken agc Makefile
net/wakeup build broken tron distinfo
net/wap-utils build broken kristerw Makefile
net/waste build broken martti Makefile
net/wistumbler build broken agc Makefile
net/wistumbler2 not packaged reed Makefile
net/wminet build broken martti Makefile
net/wmnet build broken 1 martti Makefile
net/wmpload build broken grant Makefile
net/wol build broken xtraeme Makefile
net/wu-ftpd build broken wiz patch-ai
net/xarchie build broken grant Makefile
net/xipdump broken depends cube Makefile
net/xmftp build broken agc Makefile
net/xmule broken depends recht Makefile
net/xnap broken depends jschauma Makefile
net/xorp build broken kristerw Makefile
net/xrmftp broken depends agc Makefile
net/xspeakfree broken depends grant Makefile
net/xtraceroute broken depends reed Makefile
net/yale-tftpd build broken agc Makefile
net/ywho build broken martti Makefile
net/zebra build broken jlam MESSAGE
news/knews build broken grant Makefile
news/newscache build broken seb Makefile
news/newsx build broken jlam MESSAGE
news/nn build broken grant Makefile
news/nntpclnt build broken 1 grant Makefile
news/pan-gnome broken depends reed Makefile
news/pan broken depends reed Makefile
news/trn broken depends wiz Makefile
news/xrn build broken agc Makefile
parallel/GridSim build broken jschauma Makefile
parallel/clusterit build broken wiz distinfo
parallel/dqs build broken kristerw patch-ad
parallel/glunix broken depends agc Makefile
parallel/mpi-ch broken depends jschauma Makefile
parallel/openpbs not packaged kristerw Makefile
parallel/p5-Parallel-Pvm broken depends grant Makefile
parallel/pvm3 broken depends agc Makefile
pkgtools/cdpack broken depends agc Makefile
pkgtools/pkg_filecheck build broken agc Makefile
pkgtools/pkgconflict broken depends agc Makefile
pkgtools/pkgdepgraph build broken agc Makefile
pkgtools/pkglint build broken 1 agc
pkgtools/port2pkg broken depends agc Makefile
pkgtools/rpm2pkg broken depends agc Makefile
print/acroread not packaged 7 grant Makefile
print/acroread3 not packaged agc Makefile
print/adobeps-win build broken grant Makefile
print/advi broken depends jmmv Makefile
print/apsfilter build broken agc Makefile
print/auctex broken depends seb Makefile
print/bg5pdf build broken agc Makefile
print/bg5ps broken depends martti Makefile
print/bww2tex build broken agc Makefile
print/chktex broken depends jmmv Makefile
print/cjk-lyx broken depends reed Makefile
print/cnprint build broken grant Makefile
print/cupsomatic-ppds broken depends agc Makefile
print/cupsomatic broken depends agc Makefile
print/dvidvi build broken martti Makefile
print/dvipdfm broken depends agc Makefile
print/dvipdfmx broken depends jmmv Makefile
print/dvipng broken depends jmmv Makefile
print/ggv broken depends reed Makefile
print/ggv2 broken depends reed Makefile
print/ghostscript-esp-nox11 build broken jlam Makefile
print/ghostscript-esp build broken agc Makefile.common
print/ghostscript-nox11 build broken agc Makefile.common
print/ghostscript build broken jmmv Makefile
print/gimp-print-cups build broken jlam MESSAGE
print/gimp-print-ijs broken depends grant Makefile
print/gimp-print broken depends reed Makefile
print/gnome-print broken depends reed Makefile
print/gpdf broken depends reed Makefile
print/gv build broken 4 danw distinfo
print/hpijs build broken grant Makefile
print/html2ps broken depends jmmv Makefile
print/ijs build broken 1 martti Makefile
print/img2eps build broken reed Makefile
print/ja-dvipdfm broken depends agc Makefile
print/ja-jsclasses broken depends agc Makefile
print/ja-ptex-bin broken depends wiz Makefile
print/ja-ptex-share broken depends agc Makefile
print/ja-ptex broken depends martti Makefile
print/ja-vflib-utils build broken 1 jlam Makefile
print/ja-vflib broken depends grant Makefile
print/ja-vfxdvik broken depends jmmv Makefile
print/lgrind broken depends agc Makefile
print/libgnomeprint broken depends reed Makefile
print/libgnomeprintui broken depends reed Makefile
print/lilypond broken depends jmmv Makefile
print/magicfilter broken depends tron patch-ac
print/mgv build broken grant Makefile
print/mpage build broken 2 grant Makefile
print/pcps build broken agc Makefile
print/php3-pdflib broken depends reed Makefile
print/pnm2ppa build broken jmmv patch-ad
print/psify build broken agc Makefile
print/py-reportlab-renderPM broken depends agc Makefile
print/py-reportlab broken depends agc Makefile
print/rtf2latex build broken agc Makefile
print/scribus broken depends reed Makefile
print/stylewriter build broken grant Makefile
print/teTeX-bin broken depends wiz Makefile
print/teTeX-share build broken 46 agc Makefile
print/teTeX-sharesrc broken depends agc Makefile
print/teTeX broken depends jmmv Makefile
print/teTeX1-bin broken depends agc Makefile
print/teTeX1-share build broken 14 agc Makefile
print/teTeX1-sharesrc broken depends agc Makefile
print/teTeX1 broken depends wiz Makefile
print/tex-bagpipetex broken depends agc Makefile
print/tex-eurosym broken depends agc Makefile
print/tex-hugelatex broken depends agc Makefile
print/tex-jadetex broken depends agc Makefile
print/tex-musixtex broken depends agc Makefile
print/tex-ocrb broken depends agc Makefile
print/tex-prosper broken depends agc Makefile
print/tex-textpos broken depends agc Makefile
print/texfamily-share broken depends agc Makefile
print/texfamily broken depends jmmv Makefile
print/xfce4-print broken depends martti Makefile
print/xpp broken depends jlam distinfo
security/AiCA build broken martti Makefile
security/AiSSLtelnet build broken agc Makefile
security/PAM build broken jlam Makefile
security/aide build broken martti Makefile
security/aide06 build broken agc distinfo
security/amavis-perl broken depends grant Makefile
security/amavis broken depends martti Makefile
security/apg build broken grant Makefile
security/arirang build broken grant Makefile
security/audit-packages build broken agc Makefile
security/avcheck broken depends gavan Makefile
security/bitstir not packaged cjep Makefile
security/cfs build broken jmmv
security/crack build broken agc Makefile
security/cy-login broken depends jlam Makefile
security/cyrus-sasl build broken 3 jschauma Makefile
security/cyrus-saslauthd build broken jlam Makefile
security/dropbear build broken xtraeme Makefile
security/dsniff broken depends cube distinfo
security/fortify build broken wiz Makefile
security/fprot-workstation-bin not packaged agc Makefile
security/fragroute broken depends cube distinfo
security/fressh build broken kristerw distinfo
security/gnupg broken depends wiz Makefile
security/gnutls broken depends xtraeme Makefile
security/gpa broken depends reed Makefile
security/gpgme broken depends wiz Makefile
security/gpgme03 broken depends wiz Makefile
security/gsasl broken depends xtraeme Makefile
security/gtk-systrace not packaged agc Makefile
security/hackbot build broken agc Makefile
security/heimdal build broken jlam Makefile
security/isakmpd build broken bad distinfo
security/john build broken agc Makefile
security/kssh broken depends reed Makefile
security/libdes build broken agc Makefile
security/libgcrypt build broken 5 xtraeme Makefile
security/libident build broken 2 grant Makefile
security/libnasl broken depends agc Makefile
security/mcrypt build broken martti Makefile
security/mirrordir build broken martti Makefile
security/msu build broken grant Makefile
security/msudir build broken grant Makefile
security/nessus-core broken depends agc Makefile
security/nessus-libraries build broken 4 agc Makefile
security/nessus-plugins broken depends agc Makefile
security/nessus broken depends xtraeme Makefile.common
security/netramet build broken itojun distinfo
security/nfsbug not packaged agc Makefile
security/opencdk broken depends xtraeme Makefile
security/openssh+gssapi broken depends jwise patch-ai
security/openssh broken depends jschauma Makefile
security/otpcalc build broken jlam MESSAGE
security/p0f build broken agc Makefile
security/p5-Crypt-DSA broken depends martti Makefile
security/p5-Crypt-IDEA build broken martti Makefile
security/p5-Crypt-OpenPGP broken depends martti Makefile
security/p5-Crypt-Primes broken depends martti Makefile
security/p5-Crypt-RSA broken depends martti Makefile
security/p5-Crypt-Random broken depends martti Makefile
security/pakemon broken depends cube Makefile
security/pam-ldap broken depends rtr patch-ab
security/pam-smbpass broken depends martti Makefile
security/pinepgp broken depends jschauma Makefile
security/pscan build broken grant Makefile
security/py-amkCrypto build broken jlam MESSAGE
security/py-cryptkit build broken jmc Makefile
security/py-gnupg broken depends jmc Makefile
security/py-m2crypto not packaged jschauma distinfo
security/pyca build broken jschauma Makefile
security/qident broken depends grant Makefile
security/racoon build broken agc Makefile
security/rats build broken grant Makefile
security/rc5des not packaged agc Makefile
security/rid build broken jmmv Makefile
security/rsaref build broken 2 agc Makefile
security/ruby-acl broken depends grant Makefile
security/ruby-tcpwrap broken depends agc Makefile
security/scanssh build broken agc Makefile
security/seahorse broken depends xtraeme Makefile
security/sfs broken depends wiz Makefile
security/skey build broken 2 grant Makefile
security/smimemsg build broken agc Makefile
security/smtpd build broken grant Makefile
security/sniff build broken jlam Makefile
security/srp_client broken depends hubertf Makefile
security/ssh-askpass build broken grant Makefile
security/ssh-ip-tunnel broken depends zuntum PLIST
security/ssh build broken jwise Makefile
security/ssldump build broken jlam MESSAGE
security/sslwrap build broken jschauma Makefile
security/tripwire build broken ben distinfo
security/uvscan not packaged agc Makefile
security/xdm-krb4 build broken grant Makefile
security/zebedee build broken jschauma Makefile
shells/ast-ksh not packaged agc Makefile.common
shells/es build broken grant Makefile
shells/esh build broken agc Makefile
shells/nologinmsg build broken cjep Makefile
shells/perlsh broken depends jmmv Makefile
shells/standalone-tcsh build broken agc Makefile
shells/static-ast-ksh not packaged grant Makefile
shells/static-bash2 build broken grant Makefile
shells/static-tcsh build broken grant Makefile
shells/zsh-current build broken seb patch-aa
shells/zsh build broken jmmv Makefile
shells/zsh3 build broken seb Makefile
sysutils/GWLib broken depends reed Makefile
sysutils/apcupsd build broken jlam Makefile
sysutils/aperture not packaged agc Makefile
sysutils/apotheke broken depends jmmv Makefile
sysutils/asapm not packaged grant Makefile
sysutils/atitvout not packaged agc Makefile
sysutils/bbsload build broken wulf Makefile
sysutils/bkpupsd build broken jmmv patch-aa
sysutils/c++rt0 not packaged grant Makefile
sysutils/cdbkup broken depends jmmv Makefile
sysutils/cdrdao broken depends agc Makefile
sysutils/cdrecord build broken 6 jlam Makefile
sysutils/cfengine2 build broken grant MESSAGE
sysutils/checkpassword build broken 1 martti Makefile
sysutils/coreutils build broken recht MESSAGE.gsu
sysutils/cpuburn not packaged agc Makefile
sysutils/cpuid not packaged grant Makefile
sysutils/crashme build broken agc Makefile
sysutils/dptutil not packaged ad distinfo
sysutils/dvd+rw-tools broken depends wiz Makefile
sysutils/dvdrecord build broken grant distinfo
sysutils/dvdrip broken depends martti Makefile
sysutils/e2fsprogs build broken reed Makefile
sysutils/easydiskpasswd not packaged agc Makefile
sysutils/etcupdate not packaged agc Makefile
sysutils/extipl broken depends agc Makefile
sysutils/fakeroot build broken agc Makefile
sysutils/fam build broken 11 grant Makefile
sysutils/fdgw build broken martti Makefile
sysutils/findutils build broken seb Makefile
sysutils/fix4SA110rev2 not packaged agc Makefile
sysutils/fsviewer broken depends reed Makefile
sysutils/gcdmaster broken depends agc Makefile
sysutils/gcombust broken depends grant Makefile
sysutils/genpasswd build broken wiz Makefile
sysutils/gentoo build broken jlam MESSAGE
sysutils/gkrellm build broken 10 reed Makefile
sysutils/gkx86info not packaged reed Makefile
sysutils/gmc broken depends reed Makefile
sysutils/gnome-acme broken depends reed Makefile
sysutils/gnome-vfs broken depends reed Makefile
sysutils/gnome-vfs2 broken depends jlam Makefile
sysutils/gnome2-system-monitor broken depends reed Makefile
sysutils/gnometoaster build broken agc Makefile
sysutils/gpart build broken grant Makefile
sysutils/grub not packaged mrauch patch-ak
sysutils/grun build broken jlam MESSAGE
sysutils/gtk-send-pr build broken reed Makefile
sysutils/gtop broken depends reed Makefile
sysutils/gworkspace broken depends agc Makefile.common
sysutils/hfsutils broken depends grant Makefile
sysutils/i2ocfg not packaged grant Makefile
sysutils/idesk build broken jlam MESSAGE
sysutils/isapnptools not packaged cjep Makefile
sysutils/kdirstat broken depends reed Makefile
sysutils/koncd broken depends reed Makefile
sysutils/lambd not packaged martti Makefile
sysutils/lavaps build broken agc Makefile
sysutils/mbmon not packaged recht patch-aa
sysutils/mc build broken hubertf Makefile.common
sysutils/medusa broken depends reed Makefile
sysutils/memtest86 not packaged jmmv Makefile
sysutils/mgm build broken agc Makefile
sysutils/mksunbootcd build broken cjep Makefile
sysutils/mtoolsfm build broken jlam MESSAGE
sysutils/nautilus broken depends xtraeme
sysutils/pciutils build broken 2 cube PLIST
sysutils/pcvt-utils not packaged agc Makefile
sysutils/psmisc broken depends jlam Makefile
sysutils/pwgen build broken martti Makefile
sysutils/qlogtools build broken martti Makefile
sysutils/rconfig broken depends abs Makefile
sysutils/rdiff-backup broken depends jmmv Makefile
sysutils/roller broken depends martti Makefile
sysutils/rox-archive broken depends agc Makefile
sysutils/rox-edit broken depends agc Makefile
sysutils/rox-lib broken depends agc Makefile
sysutils/rox-memo broken depends agc Makefile
sysutils/rox-session broken depends agc Makefile
sysutils/rox-system broken depends agc Makefile
sysutils/rox-wallpaper broken depends agc Makefile
sysutils/rox-wrappers broken depends agc Makefile
sysutils/rox build broken 8 agc Makefile
sysutils/rtty build broken agc Makefile
sysutils/ruby-quota build broken martti Makefile
sysutils/screentest build broken grant Makefile
sysutils/setquota not packaged agc Makefile
sysutils/skill build broken 2 wiz distinfo
sysutils/sshsh build broken 1 martti Makefile
sysutils/storage-manager not packaged agc Makefile
sysutils/su2 build broken jmmv Makefile
sysutils/sux broken depends martti Makefile
sysutils/sysgen build broken agc Makefile
sysutils/sysinfo build broken seb Makefile
sysutils/tdir build broken wiz Makefile
sysutils/tits build broken agc Makefile
sysutils/tkdesk broken depends martti Makefile
sysutils/toshutils not packaged jlam MESSAGE
sysutils/ups-nut-cgi broken depends grant Makefile
sysutils/ups-nut build broken 1 grant Makefile
sysutils/usbutil build broken jmc distinfo
sysutils/user not packaged 3 agc Makefile
sysutils/vcdimager-devel build broken 1 jmmv Makefile
sysutils/vcdimager build broken jmmv Makefile
sysutils/vidc-tools not packaged agc Makefile
sysutils/vifm build broken wiz Makefile
sysutils/whowatch build broken jlam Makefile
sysutils/wtail build broken jlam Makefile
sysutils/xbatt not packaged agc Makefile
sysutils/xbattbar not packaged agc Makefile
sysutils/xdu build broken agc Makefile
sysutils/xfce4-diskperf-plugin broken depends reed Makefile
sysutils/xfce4-fm-icons broken depends martti Makefile
sysutils/xfce4-fm broken depends martti Makefile
sysutils/xfce4-minicmd-plugin broken depends reed Makefile
sysutils/xfce4-netload-plugin broken depends reed Makefile
sysutils/xfce4-showdesktop-plugin broken depends reed Makefile
sysutils/xfce4-systemload-plugin broken depends reed Makefile
sysutils/xfce4-systray broken depends martti Makefile
sysutils/xfe broken depends reed Makefile
sysutils/xfm build broken agc Makefile
sysutils/xhfs broken depends grant Makefile
sysutils/xmbmon not packaged recht Makefile
sysutils/xmeter build broken agc Makefile
sysutils/xnc build broken agc Makefile
sysutils/xosview broken depends jlam Makefile
sysutils/xuvmstat build broken agc Makefile
textproc/GutenMark build broken agc Makefile
textproc/aiksaurus build broken 2 jmmv Makefile
textproc/antiword build broken wiz Makefile
textproc/aspell-breton broken depends grant Makefile
textproc/aspell-catalan broken depends grant Makefile
textproc/aspell-czech broken depends grant Makefile
textproc/aspell-danish broken depends grant Makefile
textproc/aspell-dutch broken depends grant Makefile
textproc/aspell-english broken depends grant Makefile
textproc/aspell-esperanto broken depends grant Makefile
textproc/aspell-faroese broken depends grant Makefile
textproc/aspell-francais broken depends grant Makefile
textproc/aspell-gaeilge broken depends grant Makefile
textproc/aspell-german broken depends recht Makefile
textproc/aspell-greek broken depends grant Makefile
textproc/aspell-italian broken depends grant Makefile
textproc/aspell-norwegian broken depends grant Makefile
textproc/aspell-polish broken depends grant Makefile
textproc/aspell-portuguese broken depends grant Makefile
textproc/aspell-romanian broken depends grant Makefile
textproc/aspell-russian broken depends grant Makefile
textproc/aspell-slovak broken depends grant Makefile
textproc/aspell-spanish broken depends grant Makefile
textproc/aspell-svenska broken depends grant Makefile
textproc/aspell-ukrainian broken depends grant Makefile
textproc/aspell-welsh broken depends grant Makefile
textproc/aspell build broken 42 recht Makefile
textproc/awf broken depends jmmv Makefile
textproc/biblook build broken agc Makefile
textproc/bsdgrep-devel build broken cjep Makefile
textproc/catdoc-tk broken depends jmmv Makefile
textproc/catdoc build broken 2 agc Makefile.common
textproc/chasen build broken 4 grant Makefile
textproc/crimson broken depends agc Makefile
textproc/detex build broken martti Makefile
textproc/dict-client build broken uebayasi Makefile
textproc/dict-dictionaries broken depends uebayasi Makefile
textproc/dict-server build broken 1 seb distinfo
textproc/docbook-website broken depends grant Makefile
textproc/docbook-xsl build broken 4 jmmv Makefile
textproc/doclifter build broken recht Makefile
textproc/eb build broken 5 seb Makefile
textproc/eblook broken depends seb Makefile
textproc/emacs-dict-client broken depends jschauma Makefile
textproc/enchant broken depends wiz distinfo
textproc/expatobjc build broken jmmv Makefile
textproc/flyspell broken depends agc Makefile
textproc/fop broken depends agc Makefile
textproc/gsed build broken 26 seb Makefile
textproc/gtk-doc broken depends martti Makefile
textproc/gtkspell broken depends reed Makefile
textproc/helpdeco build broken agc Makefile
textproc/hevea broken depends dmcmahill distinfo
textproc/html2text build broken jschauma distinfo
textproc/isearch build broken grant Makefile
textproc/ispell-base build broken 16 agc Makefile
textproc/ispell-british broken depends agc Makefile
textproc/ispell-catalan broken depends agc Makefile
textproc/ispell-emacs broken depends agc Makefile
textproc/ispell-francais broken depends agc Makefile
textproc/ispell-gaeilge broken depends grant Makefile
textproc/ispell-german broken depends grant Makefile
textproc/ispell-polski broken depends adam distinfo
textproc/ispell-romanian broken depends grant Makefile
textproc/ispell-russian broken depends agc Makefile
textproc/ispell-slovak broken depends salo Makefile
textproc/ispell-spanish broken depends grant Makefile
textproc/ispell-svenska broken depends grant Makefile
textproc/ja-grep build broken grant Makefile
textproc/ja-groff build broken 2 grant Makefile
textproc/jade build broken 32 cjep Makefile rh@NetBSD.ORG
textproc/kdoc build broken 5 jlam MESSAGE
textproc/latex2html broken depends cjep Makefile
textproc/libcroco broken depends xtraeme Makefile
textproc/lout build broken agc patch-aa
textproc/lq-sp build broken 1 wiz Makefile
textproc/makeztxt build broken agc Makefile
textproc/namazu1 broken depends agc Makefile
textproc/namazu2 broken depends jlam INSTALL
textproc/ndtpd broken depends seb Makefile
textproc/openjade broken depends agc distinfo
textproc/opensp build broken 3 agc
textproc/p5-Text-ChaSen broken depends jlam MESSAGE
textproc/p5-Text-ChaSen build broken 3 jlam MESSAGE
textproc/p5-XML-Xerces broken depends grant Makefile
textproc/par build broken grant Makefile
textproc/php4-xslt broken depends jdolecek Makefile
textproc/postgresql-autodoc broken depends agc Makefile
textproc/psgml-mode broken depends seb Makefile
textproc/py-FourSuite build broken 1 recht PLIST
textproc/py-HappyDoc build broken agc Makefile
textproc/py-Lupy build broken recht Makefile
textproc/py-SimpleParse broken depends recht PLIST
textproc/py-csv build broken recht Makefile
textproc/py-docutils build broken jmc PLIST
textproc/py-dtml broken depends agc Makefile
textproc/py-expat build broken grant Makefile
textproc/py-libxml2 build broken 1 agc Makefile
textproc/py-libxslt broken depends recht Makefile
textproc/py-xmltools broken depends reed Makefile
textproc/pyDict broken depends agc Makefile
textproc/pyxml build broken 10 grant Makefile
textproc/qsubst build broken agc Makefile
textproc/regexx build broken 1 dent Makefile
textproc/rfcutil broken depends agc Makefile
textproc/rman build broken 6 agc Makefile
textproc/robodoc build broken martti Makefile
textproc/rtf-tools broken depends agc Makefile
textproc/rtfm build broken grant Makefile
textproc/ruby-eruby broken depends grant Makefile
textproc/ruby-rdtool broken depends taca Makefile.common
textproc/ruby-rttool broken depends grant Makefile
textproc/sablotron build broken 2 wiz Makefile
textproc/saxon broken depends agc Makefile
textproc/source-highlight build broken seb patch-ag
textproc/sp build broken sketch Makefile
textproc/stardic build broken gavan Makefile
textproc/subtitleripper build broken 1 agc Makefile
textproc/tcl-expat build broken grant Makefile
textproc/texi2roff build broken 1 jmmv Makefile
textproc/troffcvt broken depends jmmv Makefile
textproc/unroff broken depends grant Makefile
textproc/urlview build broken jlam Makefile
textproc/xalan-c broken depends agc Makefile
textproc/xalan-j broken depends agc Makefile
textproc/xerces-c build broken 2 agc Makefile
textproc/xerces-j broken depends agc Makefile
textproc/xp broken depends jschauma Makefile
textproc/xslide broken depends wiz Makefile
textproc/xt broken depends grant Makefile
textproc/yodl build broken jtb distinfo
time/asclock-gtk build broken agc Makefile
time/asclock-xlib build broken agc Makefile
time/bbdate build broken gavan Makefile
time/cardboard-schedule broken depends dent Makefile
time/catclock build broken grant Makefile
time/dclock build broken agc Makefile
time/devtodo build broken zuntum Makefile
time/emiclock build broken grant Makefile
time/gcal build broken seb Makefile
time/gdeskcal broken depends reed Makefile
time/glclock build broken grant Makefile
time/globe build broken agc Makefile
time/gnyaclock build broken agc Makefile
time/grdc build broken xtraeme PLIST
time/ical build broken tron Makefile
time/lmclock build broken martti Makefile
time/logtime build broken 1 kim Makefile
time/pcal build broken grant Makefile
time/phoon build broken agc Makefile
time/plan build broken agc Makefile
time/polclock build broken grant Makefile
time/py-mxDateTime build broken 7 recht distinfo
time/remind build broken zuntum PLIST
time/sunclock build broken grant Makefile
time/swisswatch build broken jschauma Makefile
time/wmfishtime build broken jlam MESSAGE
time/wmtime build broken agc Makefile
time/xalarm broken depends agc Makefile
time/xchrono build broken martti Makefile
time/xfce4-datetime-plugin broken depends reed Makefile
time/xtimer build broken jschauma PLIST
wm/3ddesktop broken depends reed Makefile
wm/9wm build broken agc Makefile
wm/aewm++ build broken xtraeme Makefile
wm/bbconf broken depends martti Makefile
wm/bbrun build broken agc Makefile
wm/blackbox broken depends grant Makefile
wm/bsetroot build broken 4 grant Makefile
wm/ctwm build broken grant distinfo
wm/econf broken depends reed Makefile
wm/enlightenment broken depends reed Makefile
wm/ethemes broken depends wiz Makefile
wm/fluxbox broken depends jschauma patch-ae
wm/flwm broken depends grant Makefile
wm/fvwm1 build broken grant Makefile
wm/golem build broken kristerw Makefile
wm/icepref broken depends agc Makefile
wm/icewm-gnome broken depends reed Makefile
wm/icewm-imlib build broken jlam MESSAGE
wm/icewm build broken xtraeme Makefile.common
wm/ion-devel broken depends cube
wm/ion build broken jlam distinfo,
wm/larswm build broken grant Makefile
wm/lwm build broken agc Makefile
wm/matchbox build broken martti Makefile
wm/menu2wm broken depends xtraeme Makefile
wm/metacity broken depends reed Makefile
wm/novawm build broken xtraeme Makefile
wm/obconf broken depends wiz distinfo
wm/olvwm broken depends agc Makefile
wm/openbox2 broken depends wiz Makefile
wm/oroborus build broken agc Makefile
wm/pekwm build broken jlam MESSAGE
wm/piewm build broken martti Makefile
wm/qvwm build broken jlam MESSAGE
wm/ratpoison build broken seb Makefile
wm/sawfish-replibs broken depends reed Makefile
wm/sawfish-themes broken depends grant Makefile
wm/sawfish broken depends wiz Makefile
wm/uwm build broken agc Makefile
wm/waimea broken depends xtraeme Makefile
wm/wampager broken depends grant Makefile
wm/whiteBOX build broken jlam MESSAGE
wm/windowlab build broken grant MESSAGE
wm/windowmaker build broken 12 jlam Makefile
wm/wm2 build broken gavan Makefile
wm/wmakerconf broken depends reed Makefile
wm/wmextra broken depends grant Makefile
wm/wmthemes broken depends agc Makefile
wm/wmx-gnome build broken martti Makefile
wm/wmx build broken gavan Makefile.common
wm/xfce4-wm-themes broken depends martti Makefile
wm/xfce4-wm broken depends martti Makefile
www/Mosaic build broken agc Makefile
www/MozillaFirebird-bin-acroread not packaged agc Makefile.common
www/MozillaFirebird-bin-acroread3 not packaged grant Makefile
www/MozillaFirebird-bin-acroread5 not packaged grant Makefile
www/MozillaFirebird-bin-flash not packaged grant Makefile
www/MozillaFirebird-bin-java not packaged agc Makefile
www/MozillaFirebird-bin-nightly build broken grant Makefile
www/MozillaFirebird-bin-realplayer not packaged agc Makefile
www/MozillaFirebird-gtk2-bin-nightly not packaged grant Makefile
www/MozillaFirebird-gtk2-bin not packaged grant Makefile
www/MozillaFirebird broken depends taya Makefile
www/amaya build broken agc Makefile
www/analog build broken agc Makefile
www/ap-Embperl broken depends martti Makefile
www/ap-access-referer broken depends grant Makefile
www/ap-aolserver broken depends jlam Makefile
www/ap-auth-cookie broken depends agc Makefile
www/ap-auth-ldap broken depends grant Makefile
www/ap-auth-pam broken depends martti Makefile
www/ap-auth-pgsql broken depends cjep Makefile
www/ap-auth-postgresql broken depends recht Makefile
www/ap-auth-script broken depends grant Makefile
www/ap-bandwidth broken depends agc Makefile
www/ap-csacek broken depends martti Makefile
www/ap-dav broken depends grant Makefile
www/ap-dtcl broken depends agc Makefile
www/ap-fastcgi broken depends grant Makefile
www/ap-gzip broken depends grant Makefile
www/ap-iasp broken depends agc Makefile
www/ap-jk broken depends agc Makefile
www/ap-jserv broken depends jschauma Makefile
www/ap-layout broken depends grant Makefile
www/ap-mp3 broken depends martti Makefile
www/ap-perl broken depends grant Makefile
www/ap-php3 broken depends grant Makefile
www/ap-php4 broken depends cjep Makefile
www/ap-python broken depends darcy Makefile
www/ap-ruby broken depends grant Makefile
www/ap-ssl broken depends jschauma Makefile
www/ap-throttle broken depends agc Makefile
www/ap-xslt broken depends agc Makefile
www/ap2-auth-mysql broken depends agc Makefile
www/ap2-perl broken depends bad Makefile
www/ap2-ruby broken depends epg Makefile
www/ap2-subversion broken depends epg Makefile
www/apache broken depends jlam
www/apache2 build broken 5 jlam MESSAGE
www/apache6 broken depends cube PLIST
www/apachetop build broken sketch patch-ab
www/apc-gui broken depends martti Makefile
www/arena build broken agc Makefile
www/asWedit not packaged agc Makefile
www/asp2php build broken martti Makefile
www/bins build broken martti Makefile
www/bkedit build broken wiz Makefile
www/bluefish broken depends reed Makefile
www/bozohttpd build broken jlam Makefile
www/cgicc build broken seb Makefile
www/cgilib broken depends seb
www/chimera build broken grant Makefile
www/cocoon broken depends agc Makefile
www/dillo build broken 1 drochner Makefile
www/elinks broken depends xtraeme Makefile
www/emacs-w3m broken depends minoura Makefile
www/fcgi build broken 1 gavan Makefile
www/galeon broken depends abs Makefile
www/galway broken depends grant Makefile
www/glibwww broken depends reed Makefile
www/grail broken depends grant Makefile
www/gtkasp2php build broken martti Makefile
www/gtkhtml broken depends reed Makefile
www/gtkhtml3 broken depends tron
www/hiawatha broken depends agc Makefile
www/horde build broken 1 jlam MESSAGE
www/htdig build broken 3 grant INSTALL
www/htmldoc-x11 broken depends jlam Makefile
www/http_load build broken jschauma Makefile
www/iasp broken depends agc Makefile
www/ijb build broken jmmv patch-aa
www/jakarta-servletapi broken depends agc Makefile
www/jakarta-tomcat broken depends agc Makefile
www/jsdk20 broken depends agc Makefile
www/jssi broken depends agc Makefile
www/kannel build broken jlam MESSAGE
www/kimagemapeditor broken depends reed Makefile
www/lhs build broken agc Makefile
www/libgtkhtml broken depends reed Makefile
www/mMosaic build broken agc Makefile
www/mknmz-wwwoffle broken depends martti Makefile
www/moz-bin-plugger build broken agc Makefile
www/mozilla-bin-nightly build broken grant Makefile.NetBSD.i386
www/mozilla-gtk2 broken depends taya distinfo
www/mozilla-stable broken depends taya Makefile
www/mozilla broken depends agc Makefile.common
www/navigator3 not packaged agc Makefile
www/netscape broken depends dmcmahill Makefile
www/netscape7 not packaged 1 agc Makefile
www/ns-plugger-common not packaged agc Makefile
www/ns-plugger-communicator not packaged martti Makefile
www/ns-plugger-navigator not packaged martti Makefile
www/openacs broken depends grant Makefile
www/opera-plugins not packaged tron Makefile
www/opera build broken grant Makefile
www/opera6 not packaged grant Makefile
www/p5-Apache-ASP broken depends martti Makefile
www/p5-Apache-Filter broken depends martti Makefile
www/p5-Apache-Gallery broken depends reed Makefile
www/p5-Apache-SSI broken depends martti Makefile
www/p5-Apache-ePerl broken depends agc Makefile
www/p5-SVN-Web broken depends wiz Makefile
www/p5-Template-Extract broken depends wiz Makefile
www/p5-Template-Generate broken depends wiz Makefile
www/p5-Template-Toolkit broken depends jmmv Makefile
www/p5-libapreq broken depends kristerw Makefile
www/php-FastTemplate build broken agc Makefile
www/php3 build broken 8 grant Makefile.common
www/php4-apc build broken 1 agc Makefile
www/privoxy build broken agc Makefile
www/py-curl build broken jlam MESSAGE
www/py-pcgi broken depends agc Makefile
www/py-zpublisher broken depends agc Makefile
www/qDecoder build broken grant Makefile
www/quanta-docs broken depends agc Makefile
www/quanta broken depends agc Makefile
www/quanta3 broken depends markd Makefile
www/ruby-tag broken depends agc Makefile
www/ruby-webunit broken depends agc Makefile
www/sarg build broken xtraeme Makefile
www/sitecopy build broken jlam MESSAGE
www/snownews build broken reed Makefile
www/spfc broken depends agc Makefile
www/squidGuard build broken jmmv Makefile
www/swiftsurf broken depends cjep Makefile
www/tcl-cgi build broken agc Makefile
www/tidy build broken agc Makefile
www/tinyproxy build broken jlam MESSAGE
www/urlget build broken 4 martti Makefile
www/w3 broken depends minoura Makefile
www/w3c-httpd build broken agc Makefile
www/w3m-img broken depends martti Makefile
www/w3m broken depends agc Makefile.common
www/wdg-validate broken depends agc Makefile
www/web500gw broken depends grant Makefile
www/webalizer broken depends agc Makefile
www/weblint build broken 2 jlam MESSAGE
www/weex build broken martti Makefile
www/wml build broken wiz Makefile
www/www6to4 build broken martti Makefile
www/wwwoffle build broken 1 fredb
www/zope-confera broken depends agc Makefile
www/zope broken depends grant Makefile
www/zope25-AbracadabraObject broken depends martti Makefile
www/zope25-BTreeFolder broken depends martti Makefile
www/zope25-BTreeFolder2 broken depends drochner Makefile
www/zope25-BackTalk broken depends kristerw Makefile
www/zope25-CMF broken depends agc Makefile
www/zope25-CMFPlone broken depends agc Makefile
www/zope25-Calendar broken depends martti Makefile
www/zope25-CookieCrumbler broken depends drochner Makefile
www/zope25-DocumentLibrary broken depends martti Makefile
www/zope25-EasyImage broken depends martti Makefile
www/zope25-Epoz broken depends drochner Makefile
www/zope25-ExternalEditor broken depends martti Makefile
www/zope25-FileSystemSite broken depends drochner distinfo
www/zope25-Formulator broken depends grant Makefile
www/zope25-Fortune broken depends martti Makefile
www/zope25-JPicture broken depends martti Makefile
www/zope25-KnowledgeKit broken depends martti Makefile
www/zope25-LocalFS broken depends martti Makefile
www/zope25-MailManager broken depends drochner Makefile
www/zope25-MetaPublisher broken depends martti Makefile
www/zope25-ParsedXML broken depends martti Makefile
www/zope25-Photo broken depends reed Makefile
www/zope25-PropertyFolder broken depends martti Makefile
www/zope25-PropertyObject broken depends martti Makefile
www/zope25-RDFSummary broken depends martti Makefile
www/zope25-RenderableCharts broken depends kristerw Makefile
www/zope25-Silva broken depends drochner distinfo
www/zope25-Squishdot broken depends martti Makefile
www/zope25-StripoGram broken depends drochner Makefile
www/zope25-TinyTablePlus broken depends martti Makefile
www/zope25-XMLWidgets broken depends martti Makefile
www/zope25-ZMySQLDA broken depends grant Makefile
www/zope25-ZNavigator broken depends martti Makefile
www/zope25-ZPhotoSlides broken depends drochner distinfo
www/zope25-ZPsycopgDA broken depends agc Makefile
www/zope25-ZWeather broken depends martti Makefile
www/zope25-ZWeatherApplet broken depends grant Makefile
www/zope25-ZWiki broken depends drochner distinfo
www/zope25-Zippy broken depends martti Makefile
www/zope25-colorz broken depends martti Makefile
www/zope25 build broken 40 drochner Makefile
www/zopeedit build broken xtraeme Makefile
x11/9term broken depends agc Makefile
x11/XF86Setup not packaged agc Makefile
x11/Xaw-Xpm build broken agc Makefile
x11/XmHTML build broken 1 seb
x11/Xrandr build broken jlam
x11/acidlaunch build broken jlam MESSAGE
x11/asnap build broken agc Makefile
x11/bbapm not packaged gson Makefile
x11/blt build broken 2 agc Makefile
x11/controlcenter broken depends reed Makefile
x11/dfm build broken agc Makefile.common
x11/dtx11session not packaged grant Makefile
x11/dxpc broken depends grant Makefile
x11/ebuilder broken depends agc Makefile
x11/egtk broken depends agc Makefile
x11/eterm broken depends cjep Makefile
x11/fbdesk broken depends xtraeme Makefile
x11/filerunner build broken jmmv Makefile
x11/fltk build broken 6 agc Makefile
x11/fox build broken 3 reed Makefile
x11/fspanel build broken grant MESSAGE ptiJo <>
x11/fvwm-wharf build broken wiz Makefile
x11/gdkxft not packaged reed Makefile
x11/gdm broken depends reed Makefile
x11/gnome-- broken depends reed Makefile
x11/gnome-applets broken depends reed Makefile
x11/gnome-core broken depends reed Makefile
x11/gnome-desktop broken depends reed Makefile
x11/gnome-gkrellm broken depends reed Makefile
x11/gnome-libs broken depends reed Makefile
x11/gnome-mag broken depends reed Makefile
x11/gnome-panel broken depends xtraeme Makefile
x11/gnome-python broken depends reed Makefile
x11/gnome-session broken depends xtraeme Makefile
x11/gnome-themes-extra broken depends reed Makefile
x11/gnome-themes broken depends reed Makefile
x11/gnome-users-guide broken depends grant Makefile
x11/gnome1-panel broken depends reed Makefile
x11/gnome1-session broken depends reed Makefile
x11/gnome2-applets broken depends xtraeme Makefile
x11/gnome2-control-center broken depends jmmv Makefile
x11/gnome2-terminal broken depends xtraeme Makefile
x11/gnopernicus broken depends reed Makefile
x11/gnustep-back broken depends reed Makefile
x11/gnustep-gui broken depends reed Makefile
x11/gnustep-preferences broken depends reed Makefile
x11/gtk+extra build broken 2 jlam MESSAGE
x11/gtk-- broken depends wiz Makefile
x11/gtk-engines build broken 1 jlam MESSAGE
x11/gtk2-theme-switch build broken jlam MESSAGE
x11/gtkglarea build broken 18 jlam MESSAGE
x11/gtkglarea2 build broken 5 jlam MESSAGE
x11/gtkmm build broken 2 jlam MESSAGE
x11/gtksourceview broken depends cube Makefile
x11/gtoolkit broken depends reed Makefile
x11/hanterm build broken cjep Makefile
x11/hot-babe build broken jlam MESSAGE
x11/imwheel build broken zuntum patch-ac
x11/ion-dock broken depends cube Makefile
x11/kde2 broken depends wiz Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-af broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-ar broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-bg broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-bs broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-ca broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-cs broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-da broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-de broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-el broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-en_GB broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-eo broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-es broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-et broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-eu broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-fa broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-fi broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-fr broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-he broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-hr broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-hu broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-is broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-it broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-ja broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-lt broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-mk broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-mt broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-nb broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-nl broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-nn broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-nso broken depends markd distinfo
x11/kde3-i18n-pl broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-pt broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-pt_BR broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-ro broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-ru broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-se broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-sk broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-sl broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-sr broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-ss broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-sv broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-ta broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-th broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-tr broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-uk broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-ven broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-vi broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-xh broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-zh_CN broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-zh_TW broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kde3-i18n-zu broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kdebase2 broken depends reed Makefile
x11/kdebase3 broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kdelibdocs2 broken depends agc Makefile
x11/kdelibdocs3 broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kdelibs2 broken depends reed Makefile
x11/kdelibs3 broken depends markd Makefile
x11/kmessage broken depends reed Makefile
x11/lablgtk broken depends grant Makefile
x11/lesstif12 build broken jlam MESSAGE
x11/libxfce4gui broken depends martti Makefile
x11/libxfce4mcs broken depends martti distinfo
x11/libxfce4util build broken 29 jlam MESSAGE
x11/mlterm not packaged reed Makefile
x11/multi-aterm build broken xtraeme Makefile
x11/multi-gnome-terminal broken depends reed Makefile
x11/oneko build broken agc Makefile
x11/openmotif build broken agc Makefile
x11/paragui broken depends reed Makefile
x11/py-Pmw broken depends agc Makefile
x11/py-Tk build broken 9 drochner Makefile
x11/py-gnome2 broken depends jmmv Makefile
x11/py-gtk2 broken depends reed
x11/py-qt2-sip broken depends martti Makefile
x11/py-qt2 broken depends agc Makefile
x11/py-qt3-base broken depends jmmv Makefile
x11/py-qt3-modules broken depends jmmv Makefile
x11/py-qt3-qscintilla broken depends jmmv Makefile
x11/py-qt3-sip broken depends recht Makefile
x11/py-wxWindows broken depends agc Makefile
x11/pygtk broken depends reed Makefile
x11/qt1 broken depends agc distinfo
x11/qt2-designer-kde broken depends reed Makefile
x11/qt2-designer broken depends wiz Makefile
x11/qt2-docs broken depends wiz Makefile
x11/qt2-examples broken depends jlam Makefile
x11/qt2-libs build broken 44 agc Makefile.common
x11/qt2 broken depends wiz Makefile
x11/qt3-docs broken depends skrll Makefile
x11/qt3-libs build broken 113 markd Makefile.common
x11/qt3-mysql broken depends skrll Makefile
x11/qt3-psql broken depends skrll Makefile
x11/qt3-qscintilla broken depends drochner Makefile
x11/qt3-tools broken depends xtraeme Makefile
x11/qt3 broken depends tron Makefile
x11/qtarch broken depends agc Makefile
x11/qwspritefield broken depends agc Makefile
x11/qwt broken depends grant Makefile
x11/rep-gtk broken depends reed Makefile
x11/ruby-fox broken depends agc Makefile
x11/ruby-gtk build broken agc Makefile
x11/rxvt build broken 1 grant MESSAGE
x11/speyes build broken xtraeme Makefile
x11/ssystem build broken grant Makefile
x11/swing broken depends agc Makefile
x11/tk-Tix build broken agc Makefile
x11/tkman broken depends agc Makefile
x11/unclutter build broken agc Makefile
x11/vte build broken 2 reed Makefile
x11/wdm broken depends reed Makefile
x11/wmavgload build broken grant Makefile
x11/wmessage broken depends reed Makefile
x11/wmfstatus build broken agc Makefile
x11/wmweather build broken 2 agc Makefile
x11/wterm broken depends reed Makefile
x11/wxGTK build broken 9 recht Makefile
x11/x2x build broken grant Makefile
x11/x3270 build broken agc Makefile
x11/xaniroc build broken martti Makefile
x11/xbindkeys-config broken depends tron distinfo
x11/xbindkeys-tk broken depends jmmv Makefile
x11/xbindkeys build broken 2 jmmv distinfo
x11/xcb build broken grant Makefile
x11/xclip build broken agc Makefile
x11/xcolors build broken agc Makefile
x11/xcolorsel build broken agc Makefile
x11/xcruise build broken grant Makefile
x11/xcursorgen not packaged agc Makefile
x11/xdaemon2 broken depends agc Makefile
x11/xdm3d build broken agc Makefile
x11/xephem build broken agc Makefile
x11/xfce build broken reed Makefile
x11/xfce4-clipman-plugin broken depends reed Makefile
x11/xfce4-desktop broken depends martti Makefile
x11/xfce4-mcs-manager broken depends martti Makefile
x11/xfce4-mcs-plugins broken depends martti Makefile
x11/xfce4-notes-plugin broken depends reed Makefile
x11/xfce4-panel broken depends martti Makefile
x11/xfce4-themes broken depends martti Makefile
x11/xfce4-toys broken depends martti Makefile
x11/xfce4-trigger-launcher broken depends martti Makefile
x11/xfce4-utils broken depends martti Makefile
x11/xfishtank build broken agc Makefile
x11/xflame build broken grant Makefile
x11/xforms build broken 11 reed Makefile
x11/xfstt build broken salo MESSAGE
x11/xgas build broken jschauma PLIST
x11/xglobe broken depends kristerw distinfo
x11/xhangglider build broken grant Makefile
x11/xjman broken depends agc Makefile
x11/xkbd build broken grant Makefile
x11/xkbset build broken jlam MESSAGE
x11/xkeycaps build broken mrg distinfo
x11/xless build broken grant Makefile
x11/xlockmore-lite build broken hubertf Makefile
x11/xlockmore broken depends hubertf Makefile
x11/xlogout build broken grant Makefile
x11/xlupe build broken martti Makefile
x11/xmascot build broken jschauma PLIST
x11/xmindpath build broken agc Makefile
x11/xmms-osd broken depends jmmv Makefile
x11/xmon build broken martti Makefile
x11/xmountains build broken agc Makefile
x11/xmove build broken agc Makefile
x11/xmx build broken grant Makefile
x11/xneko build broken agc Makefile
x11/xosd build broken 1 xtraeme Makefile.common
x11/xpad build broken jlam MESSAGE
x11/xplanet build broken jlam MESSAGE
x11/xpns build broken agc Makefile
x11/xpostit build broken agc Makefile
x11/xscreensaver-demo broken depends reed Makefile
x11/xscreensaver-gnome broken depends reed Makefile
x11/xscreensaver broken depends jmmv Makefile.common
x11/xscribble build broken grant Makefile
x11/xservers not packaged grant Makefile
x11/xteddy2 build broken 1 jlam MESSAGE
x11/xterm build broken jlam INSTALL
x11/xvattr build broken jlam MESSAGE
x11/xview-clients broken depends agc Makefile
x11/xview-config build broken 4 agc Makefile
x11/xview-lib broken depends grant Makefile
x11/xview broken depends grant Makefile
x11/zenity broken depends reed Makefile

The following cache files were used during the build:

Packages not packaged: 227
Packages really broken: 1311
Pkgs broken due to them: 1480
Total broken: 2791
Total: 3018

Hubert Feyrer, 1999-2000.