SOLARIS 8 Maintenance  UpdateTM 4  (MU)

The Solaris 8 MU4 contains the same set of patches as the ones prepackaged on the Solaris 8 4/01 software CDs. These patches have been tested together and packaged for a one-step installation.

System Requirements

Before downloading  the MU, identify or create a directory that has enough space to accommodate the MU files. You will need approximately:

Download the MU to a file server and then use the file server download location to install the MU on other systems. Follow the instructions below to read the MU documentation and to download and unzip the compressed MU file.

Read the Maintenance Update Documentation

Click on the link below to read the MU documentation:

Solaris 8 Maintenance Update 4 Installation Guide

Download and Unzip the Maintenance Update File

  1. To download the MU, select the appropriate file for your platform.

    The MU is downloaded and is placed in the directory you specified for the download.

  2. Change to the directory you specified for the download.

    # cd download_directory

    (where download_directory is the directory in which you downloaded the MU file)

  3. Unzip the MU file.

    # unzip  filename

    (where filename is the name of the MU file you downloaded)

    This creates the Solaris_8_MU4 directory, which contains the unzipped MU files.

  4. Follow the MU installation procedures given in the MU documentation.

    NOTE: You can now delete the  *.zip  files. These files are no longer needed.