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The contents of this CD-ROM are Copyright (C) 2000 Mandrakesoft S.A. and others.  Please see the individual copyright notices in each source package for distribution terms.  The distribution terms of the tools copyrighted by Mandrakesoft and Red Hat Software are as noted in the file COPYING.

Mandrake and its logo are trademarks of Mandrakesoft S.A.
Red Hat, RPM, and glint are trademarks of Red Hat Software, Inc.

  1. Directory Organization
  2. Installing
  3. Sources
  4. Support
  5. Contact

1. Directory Organization

This directory is organized as follows:
 |----> Mandrake
           |----> RPMS 
           |----> base 
           |----> mdkinst
 |----> images 
 |----> dosutils 
 |----> misc 
 |----> lnx4win
 |----> VERSION
 |----> RPM-PGP-KEYS
 |----> COPYING 
 |----> INSTALL
 |----> README

binary packages
small filesystem setup archives
image used for graphical installs
boot and ramdisk images
installation utilities for DOS
source files, install trees
Windows(tm) installer [BETA]
current version number
PGP key signing Mandrake RPMs
copyright information
installation instructions
this file in text mode

If you are mirroring to a partition or an NFS volume, you'll need to get everything under Mandrake/, as well as the disk images from images that you need for your system.

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2. Installing

See the install.htm file.


Mandrake is built with CPU speed optimizations for Pentium-class (Pentium(tm) and compatibles, AMD K6, Cyrix M2, PIII...) so it WILL NOT RUN on older i386 and i486 based computers. However, a special version compiled for those CPUs will be available for download from our servers and on cheap CD-Roms.

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3. Sources

All the Linux-Mandrake specific packages come with their sources in the the source-CD (PowerPack Edition).

Please use FTP servers for sources.

In the case where you don't have Internet access, Linux-Mandrake can send you a sources archive for very little charge.

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4. Support

For those that have web access, see http://www.linux-mandrake.com/support/

In particular, access to our mailing lists can be found at:


If you don't have web access you can still subscribe to the main mailing list.  To subscribe, send mail to newbie@linux-mandrake.com with

       subscribe newbie

in the body of the message.

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If you did not receive documentation with this product, you can order the Mandrake PowerPack Edition (several Mandrake CDs + Installation & Use Guide + 100 days installation support!) at our distributors on:


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5. Contact

 Mandrakesoft can be reached at:

 WWW:  http://www.linux-mandrake.com

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