asWedit international resources

Version 4.0

As many people prefer to use programs that are localized to their native language this directory contains optional localization resources for the asWedit program.

You need the optional resources ONLY if you want to run asWedit in a language different than English (the English resources are supplied with the program itself).

Commands, messages and other visible elements are localized for each language but the on-line help is available only in English. Some localizations are incomplete though, especially in the HTML modes. Most complete are the Czech, Danish, German, Polish and Spanish versions (apart from the English version which is complete).

The localized resources are available for the following languages:

LanguageResources (Id)
English (U.S.) en
Czech cz
Danish da
Dutch nl
French fr
German de
Polish pl
Portuguese pt
Spanish es
Swedish sv
(the links above point to the current mirror site)

To obtain the localized resources please download a resource file appropriate for your language (select a resource link above). For example, to get the German resources you would download the following file:

To unpack it you can use the following:
    zcat AsWedit-4.0-de.tar.gz | tar xvf -
(the distribution will be placed into the asWedit-4.0/de directory).

Note that you also have to download the asWedit binary program. The archive files in this directory contain ONLY the program's resources!

After unpacking please read the INSTALL.i18n file.

Acknowledgment: I am grateful to all the nice people who have helped me to create the localized resources.

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Andre Stochniol