Ximian Evolution 1.2

Ximian is proud to announce Ximian Evolution 1.2. This version of the email, calendar, address book, and task list tool includes a number of new features and imrpovements. Visit the Evolution product page for additional information or check developer.ximian.com for complete release notes.

Upgrading from 1.0.x

The format of certain configuration files has changed in this version of Evolution. When you start Evolution 1.1.2 for the first time, it will automatically migrate your configuration so that it will work as expected with this version.

IMPORTANT: After you have installed Evolution 1.1.2, quit Evolution and type the command `killev' on the command-line (without quotes) before launching the new version of Evolution.

Significant Changes

Search Criteria Changes

When you specify multiple words in search "contains" criterion, Evolution will now search the mail messages that contain all the words specified, in any order. (The 1.0.x behavior was to look for the whole string in "subject contains" matches, and matched no messages in the case of body searches.)

This applies to the search bar, the filter rules and the vFolder rules. Filter rules and vFolder rules might need to be re-adjusted after you upgrade to version 1.1.2.

IMAP Folder Name Changes (I18N)

If you created any folder names using non-ASCII characters using prior versions of Evolution, you will find they may not be displayed properly anymore. This is because previous versions did not implement IMAP I18N folder names correctly as specified in RFC 2060.

The upgrade script will try to rectify any filters or vFolders using any such names. However, as it does not know the character set used by the server, non ISO-8859-1 (latin-1) characters will not be properly converted. You may need to reverify the filter and vFolder rules in this case.

Also note that if such folder names do not display properly that it is purely cosmetic and may be fixed by renaming the folder(s) in question.

PalmOS Synchronization Changes

If you wish to synchronize Evolution 1.1.2 with a PalmOS device, you will need to install the additional packages "evolution-pilot" and "gnome-pilot-applet."

New Features in the 1.2 Series





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