VectorLinux 6.0 Standard Edition

  What´s in the Standard Edition?

Vector Linux STANDARD provides a lean and mean Linux system. It is surprisingly lightweight, fast and stable. It contains best of breed applications for every task. Despite being "light weight", it is a complete Linux workstation system, including compilers, multimedia and office applications. The most recent release of VL Standard is version 6.0 "Voyager", released in February 2009. Highlights of v6.0 Standard are:

  • a choice of a very intuitive graphical installer or a fast and easy text-based installer, both with great hardware detection. Install time is only about 12-25 minutes on modern computers.
  • the latest xfce v4.4.3 desktop environment - a comprehensive, good-looking, fast and user friendly desktop which consumes few system resources.
  • VASM: a powerful system administration utility.
  • VASMCC: a user-friendly GUI interface to VASM.
  • gslapt and slapt-get for easy, automated package downloading, upgrading, installation and maintenance.
  • a choice of either our vl-hot system or the HAL system for detection and auto-mounting of USB storage devices.
  • Seamonkey integrated Internet suite with browser, calendar, contacts, email ,newsgroups, irc chat and HTML editor. Firefox, Opera and the Dillo browsers are also available as additions during the install process.
  • Many other Internet applications including Pidgin, XChat, gFTP, Lynx, nmapFE, pyNeighborhood.
  • AbiWord word processing, Gnumeric spreadsheet, Bluefish HTML editing system.
  • vcpufreq: for reducing CPU frequency on supported processors, mainly for laptops to save power.
  • WiCD: a WiFi daemon which makes connecting to various wireless networks very easy and intuitive.
  • vwifi: a special version of WiFi manager for help configuring various wireless cards and networks.
  • MPlayer, Xine and xmms for multimedia and entertainment - for music and video and web content streaming.
  • vsmbmount: a Samba connectivity tool.
  • vpackager: an automated system for compiling and packaging VL packages from source code.
  • CUPS Printing System

VectorLinux Standard is the foundation of the other VL editions and is ideally suited for a workstation on older computers. It can be run effectively on a Pentium 200 with 256MB of RAM and 3.4GB of hard drive space. On a more modern computer it really flies!

It is recommended that your system meets these requirements:
  • Pentium 200 or better compatible processor (i586 and up).
  • minimum of 3.4GB of hard disk space for the entire system (less if you choose to install only certain packages), plus additional space for swap (virtual memory) and personal files.
  • 128 MB of memory - but 256 MB will greatly improve performance and 512MB is considered a minimum if you wish to run many applications simultaneously.
  • Suitable Video card and Monitor.
  • Standard mouse, keyboard, sound card, CDROM, etc.

If you are ready to try VL Standard it is completely free to download. If you would like to support future VectorLinux development, try our "Deluxe Edition" which is for sale for a nominal fee and provides you with more support and 1000MB of additional software on a second CD.