VectorLinux 6.0 Live Edition

The VectorLinux Live Edition is a bootable CDROM which contain the entire VectorLinux operating system on the CD. This enables the user to test a distribution on their system without the need of re-partitioning and installing to the hard drive. This Live version also enables the user to use their favorite operating system on any computer, without affecting the computer for future users. If you wish you may install the Live Edition to your hard drive, but it is recommended you choose our Standard, SOHO or Light Edition instead if you wish to do this.

Using the VL Live CD requires the following:

  • BIOS configured so that the CDROM/DVD drive is set to boot first in the list of boot devices
  • an absolute minimum of 256MB of RAM, in fact you probably need 512MB for a good experience
  • the password for all users, including "root" is "vector"
  • patience: the entire operating system and all applications are loaded into RAM as required from your relatively slow optical drive. Optical drive read speeds are much slower than hard drive read speeds. Thus Live CD's are really only used as testbeds to see whether you like the distro or as repair tools.

As at March 1st, 2009 the most recent version of VL Live is VL5.9 Standard Live. VL Live 5.9 defaults to the xfce desktop environment but you also have a choice of fluxbox and jwm window managers. A newer version 6.0 of Standard Live is expected possibly mid 2009. Stay tuned. You can check our website or our forum (links above) for release details and there you can also learn of the system requirements and included packages for the upcoming new releases.