Release 0.5

This is the initial release of PCPAC for people's testing and comment.  This version is currently running in my local Cape Cod Library.  Please send suggestions or bugs to pcpac@lccdigital.com

Please use Sourceforge for suggestions and bug reports:
    http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/pcpac  &  http://pcpac.sourceforge.net

Download:   http://www.ibiblio.net/distributions/pcpac

PCPAC is a variant of PCLinuxOS with additional safety features for public use in Libraries and schools.  The goals are:
  1. To be safe for public use.

  2. To be very easy to install.  Without that the run of the mill tech who is only Windows capable may have reluctance to try it.  Never mind that PCLinuxOS is already easier to install than Windows XP, not to mention Vista.

  3. To appeal to a younger demographic as are the main users in schools and frequently the users of PACs in libraries.  This is why the music links are so prominent, to get the audience to try the music links as a hook into their using Amarok.

Any suggestions for improvements will be gratefully received.