How  to  Install  Opera  on  BL3

Two graphical browsers are available for BL3:  links2 and Opera.  To run links2, you need a 486 with at least 16mb RAM.  You will find the links2 package in the BL3 add-ons.  Simply install it (pkg) and run it.

To run Opera, you need a Pentium with at least 32mb RAM.  It is a superior browser, but it is more complicated to install.  Here are the step-by-step instructions:

Step 1:   Upgrade main BL3 library

It takes two packages to upgrade the BL3 library.  You will find full instructions here.

        pkg   glibc-solibs-2.3.1-i386-3.tgz
        pkg   misc-libs.tgz

Step 2:   Add some X libraries

All the X libraries you need are in one package called x-libs.tgz.  You will find it in the BL3 add-ons.

        pkg   x-libs.tgz

Step 3:   Get the Opera 8 static-QT package

Go to  It will offer you a Windows version. Click on Show other versions.  Then click on Linux i386.  You will be shown a drop-down menu.  Select Other/Static DEB.  Mark the box that says Download this package in TAR.GZ format and choose your download site.

Step 4:   Install the Opera 8 static-QT package

Put the Opera package in /tmp and unpack it:

        tar -zxvf   opera-8.???-static-qt.i386-en.tar.gz

That will create a new directory containing the Opera files.   Go into that directory and start the installation routine:

        cd  opera-8.???-static-qt.i386-en

Note:   ??? represents the version/date of the Opera package.
Use the actual numbers from the package you download.