BasicLinux  Mailing  List

All support for BasicLinux is now done via the Mailing List.  This enables other users (who may have similar problems) to benefit from the discussion.  All users of BasicLinux are very welcome to submit questions, problems, suggestions and discoveries to the Mailing List.  The author of BasicLinux will try to answer questions, but other subscribers are also welcome to help.


  • Membership is free to any BasicLinux user.
  • Only members can submit messages.
  • Maximum message size is 40kb.
  • A digest option is available (instead of individual messages).
  • Members' details are not available to the public.

    How to subscribe
    To subscribe to the BasicLinux Mailing List, simply send an empty email to: with subscribe in the subject line.  The list server will automatically send you a confirmation query.  Once you reply, you will be added to the BasicLinux List.

    Alternatively, you can subscribe online at:

    How to terminate your membership
    To leave the BasicLinux List, simply send an empty email to: with unsubscribe in the subject line.

    Searching the archive
    You can use google to search the message archive.   Click here and replace xxx with the word(s) you are searching for.